Christian Artist Katy Nichole Shares Healing Testimony With Debut Album

Katy Nichole Music/Instagram

Christian Artist Katy Nichole Shares Healing Testimony With Debut Album

By Movieguide® Contributor 

Singer Katy Nichole has much to praise God about with the release of her self-titled debut album inspired by her journey of healing after being bedridden for three years due to scoliosis. 

“These songs are my story, but I want others to see themselves in these songs,”  Nichole told The Christian Post. “Ultimately, what this is about, for me, is really  raising up the name of Jesus.” 

Her song, “In Jesus’ Name (God of Possible)” which started as words in her prayer  journal then became a viral TikTok post to hitting No. 1 on the Christian Billboard charts in March where it has remained since. 

In her interview with the Christian Post she revealed that after dealing with debilitating pain and depression, it wasn’t until her second spinal surgery the “the smoke cloud of depression was gone,” marking a turning point for the singer. 

“When I got my X-rays after surgery, my spine was actually straighter than when  the rods had been in it. So when I say that God can do miracles, I mean it, because  I’ve seen it,” Nichole said. 

Her story of healing was the inspiration for her debut album that came out last week, and her newest song “God Is In this Story” (Feat. Big Daddy Weave) is currently No. 3 on the iTunes chart. 

Along with commercial success, she won Worship Song of the Year for “In Jesus’ Name (God Of Possible)” at last month’s K-LOVE fan awards. Movieguide® previously reported on her win as she thanked her fans: 

“I am so so grateful. Thank you so much for voting and showing your  love and support for this song!! What an honor and a blessing it has  been to witness how God has been using ‘In Jesus Name’ (God Of  Possible).

“The thing that means the most to me is when I hear the stories of  how God has been moving in your life through this song. I am still  blown away and I am just pouring out my thanks to Jesus right now,”  Nichole concluded. 

Nichole recently performed at the legendary Grand Ole Opry, and is currently  touring. One of her stops will be at the Alive Music Festival with fellow Christian  artists Toby Mac, Danny Gokey, and For King and Country.