Christian Filmmaker Launches Independent Streaming Platform, Loor TV

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Christian Filmmaker Launches Independent Streaming Platform, Loor TV

By Cooper Dowd, Movieguide® Staff

After years of experience in faith-based media, Marcus Pittman noticed a gap in Christian and conservative entertainment. 

Aside from one or two big budget faith-based movies a year, Pittman noted that Christian content is scarce on the industry’s largest streaming platforms. 

Through his new venture, Loor TV, Pittman hopes to offer an alternative for artists passionate about Christian and conservative values and quality storytelling. 

“I’ve been involved in Christian film for a while,” Pittman told Movieguide® in a recent interview. “I worked in Christian television, and then I built a YouTube studio called Apologia Studios. So I’ve always seen that God gives artists an immense amount of freedom. Reading Francis Schaeffer’s books on art always encouraged me to be involved in helping push Christian art forward again, to where we’re the ones building cathedrals that last for generations.”

“Christians used to be the ones that were defining art for hundreds of years, and now we’ve stopped and so that’s where my passion is, and I don’t think you can really do that without giving artists the freedom to fail,” he added. 

Loor TV is a subscription based streaming platform that uses user’s subscription money to fund more projects.  Pittman said this audience-first method will result in the creation of more content that upholds the values of their subscribers. 

“I just realized  there’s a real lack of options available in terms of making content,” he said. “I think most importantly, we didn’t really have a way for independent filmmakers to make a name for themselves in the conservative and Christian space. The two problems we’re having are the ability to distribute content and get funding for content. I was like ‘that’s like Netflix and Kickstarter together,’ and that’s how Loor came about.”

“We have 40 movies and TV shows signed exclusively on our platform that we’re raising money for right now,” Pittman said. “Once those are funded, they’ll stream on our platform exclusively.”

Pittman said Loor TV will not only allow for more family-friendly content, but also Christian content that pushes boundaries, akin to box office successes like PASSION OF THE CHRIST and SOUND OF FREEDOM. 

“I think movies like PASSION OF THE CHRIST and SOUND OF FREEDOM have shown that Christians aren’t as weak and sensitive as we’ve been led to believe,” Pittman said. There’s a market for adults to watch adult content and still be a Christian in doing so.”

“When you go into a Christian bookstore, you have a kid section. You have an adult section, you have a newlywed section… The books are divided up by ages and categories. The same should be true of our movies” he continued. “Safe for the whole family shouldn’t mean every project is for everyone to watch. That doesn’t make any sense at all, and it sort of softens the ability for storytellers to really showcase how Christ overcomes evil.”

Aside from Pittman’s own faith, the founder and CEO of Loor TV said that their goal is to give the freedom of creation back to the artist. 

“That’s really our core value, just freeing the artist. We are freeing the artist from the golden chains of Hollywood,” he said. “We’re inherently Christian and conservative, so we want values that express that. But on another scale, we’re really artist focused. So our primary focus is to serve the artist. We don’t produce content directly ourselves. We work with artists to get their content funded, made and distributed.”

Check out a list of Loor TV’s partly funded or fully funded projects at Loor.tv.

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