Chuck Norris Calls Relationship with God Key to Happiness

Photo from Chuck Norris’ Instagram

Chuck Norris Calls Relationship with God Key to Happiness

By Movieguide® Contributor

Karate legend Chuck Norris recently revealed how to be happy in 2024.

“I cannot think of a person who is not glad we’re turning the page on 2023 and moving into a New Year, if not for themselves, for others. Global wars, economic struggles and inflation, personal loss and the proliferation of loneliness, depression, divisions, drugs and demoralization experienced by tens of millions of Americans has hurt if not crippled nearly every family and, hence, our society,” Norris said.

Despite the hard things that happened in 2023 and what may come in 2024, Norris believes that anyone can have a brighter new year if they choose to.

“First, America definitely needs a reset,” he explained. “Most of us can use a new beginning in a big way. The truth is, most people are waiting for personal hardships and a bad economy to disappear so that their lives can get ‘back to normal.’ But what is ‘normal,’ and were most of us really happy there?”

“Studies show that since 1972 to the present, throughout roughly nine presidents, salaries have increased across the fields of employment. House ownership and living space have increased. Material goods in our homes have increased,” he said.

“Technological speed, commerce and social connections via the internet have radically increased,” he continued. “And for those who don’t have much of the above, even government growth and entitlements have increased.”

Norris points out that with all of these things, happiness decreased. He cites information from Arthur C. Brooks, author of an article titled “Are We Trading Our Happiness for Modern Comforts?”

“Brooks…explained, ‘But amid these advances in quality of life across the income scale, average happiness is decreasing in the U.S. The General Social Survey, which has been measuring social trends among Americans every one or two years since 1972, shows a long-term, gradual decline in happiness – and rise in unhappiness – from 1988 to the present,’ Norris explained.

Brooks said, “‘…The tech revolution promised us our heart’s desires: everything you want to know at the click of a mouse [or touch of an app]; the ability to become famous to strangers; anything you want to buy, delivered to your door in days without you having to leave home.’”

Brooks explained that, with the increase of more useful tools and comforts, it hasn’t improved happiness but delivered the opposite effect. It also causes “deleterious psychological and physiological outcomes, especially among young people.”

Norris said, “Brooks’ words remind me of a great book… called ‘Christianity for Modern Pagans‘ by Peter Kreeft. It is a reflection on selected Pensees by Blaise Pascal, the brilliant 17th-century scientist, philosopher and inventor.”

“Pascal’s main point is that humans create and are consumed with (some say, addicted to) “diversions” in order to experience lasting happiness, all the while running from their real selves and the true path of happiness. What amazes me is that Pascal wrote these things centuries before TV, Super Bowls, eBay, Netflix, social media and internet commerce,” Norris said.

Pascal realized that, ultimately, people who had more comforts and diversions were unhappier than their counterparts who had less.

“Or in the words of Dr. Brooks: ‘We don’t get happier as our society gets richer, because we chase the wrong things,” the karate pro said. “Our ‘diversions,’ as Pascal wrote, don’t stop inner conflicts but only temporarily cover them up.”

“Winning the culture war for true happiness might be America’s greatest battle, and it’s waging right now at full tilt within hearts and minds across the union,” Norris said.

Norris argues that aspects of 2023, like inflation, have taken away certain comforts. That may be hard to get over for some, but this loss of diversions opens up a gate to a happier path.

“Dr. Brooks offers three steps of advice to help get us back to the roots of true happiness, wisdom that can definitely help us in 2024, especially as we pursue a more “normal life” in the aftermath of this last year,” Norris said.

Rule number 1 is: “Don’t buy that thing.”

“Marketers know that if they can grab hold of your brain chemistry – get you in a state of ‘hedonic consumption’ in which your decisions are driven by pleasure more than utility – they can probably sell you something, whether you ‘need’ it or not. But we can resist advertising’s pull on our emotions,” Norris explained.

“Next time you are presented with the claim that this or that product will make you happy, channel your inner monk, and say five times, out loud: ‘This will not bring me satisfaction,” he continued. “Then imagine yourself in six months looking back on this decision, pleased that you made it correctly.”

Rule number 2 is: “Don’t put your faith in princes (or politicians).”

Norris believes that it’s foolish to think that a government, an entity, should be compassionate or that politicians can make citizens happy.

“Some of history’s greatest tyrants have promised that a government or political leader could bring joy to life,” he said. “In 1949, the Soviet government promoted the slogan ‘Beloved Stalin is the people’s happiness.’ Few leaders have delivered more misery and death than Stalin – but looking at this slogan makes me think twice about my own expectations of governments and politicians.”

Rule number 3 is: “Don’t trade love for anything.”

Norris referenced a study that followed young men’s lives from college until adulthood. It found that the ones who were happier had “strong family ties, close friendships and rich romantic lives.” The unhappiest people were the ones who had poor relationships.

Movieguide® previously reported Norris’s thoughts on the dangers of cutting off relationships:

“We might think we are islands, self-sufficient strongholds, but isolation can slowly kill us, literally. We might live alone, but we shouldn’t be alone,” he said.

So, there is no substitute for love. Nothing is worth the trade.

“And if love and romance are our path to true happiness, they find no greater pinnacle and purpose than in our sacred romance: our relationship with God,” Norris said.

“The fact is, you’ve had the key to happiness all along. Like Dorothy with her ruby slippers, God is with you now, and was with you even during the hard times of 2023. The good news about that is that we don’t have to wait for a new year, a new day or a new anything to start experiencing happiness. You can have happiness right here, right now, if we turn to the Lord for happiness,” Norris concluded.

Norris tries to follow his own advice—he has a strong relationship with God and holds his loved ones close. On his 202o wedding anniversary, he said, “22 years ago I became the luckiest man in the world when Gena and I got married. Happy Anniversary my beautiful wife! There are no words to describe my love and appreciation for you. Thank you for sharing your life with me. I praise God for every day we are together.”

“The Lord has truly blessed me with the most amazing woman I could’ve ever asked for. I love you, Gena. More than words can describe,” the karate star said last October.