Chuck Norris Urges Parents to Protect Children from Online Predators 

Photo from Chuck Norris’ Instagram

Chuck Norris Urges Parents to Protect Children from Online Predators 

By Movieguide® Contributor

Chuck Norris is warning parents about the increased cyber crimes and online attacks against their children, urging them to protect their kids from these dangers. 

“The internet has become the sexual predators’ playground,” Norris wrote. “What’s truly tragic is that, despite that knowledge, too many parents and guardians are still allowing these cyber criminals and hooligans into their homes by not monitoring their children’s online activity.”

“New methods of assault such as drive-by cyber shootings through unencrypted wireless access points (known as war-spamming) are being used to bombard you and your child’s email with pornographic advertisement,” he warned. 

Because of free internet access, “One in four kids, ages 10-17, has been exposed to unwanted [unsolicited] sexual material online,” Norris shared. 

He added, “Six out of 10 kids online have gotten an email or instant message from a perfect stranger…and more than half have written back. One in three kids has been aggressively solicited to meet their ‘cyber friend’ in person.”

As a result, “73% of teens ages 10 to 17 consumed online pornography—a number that has nearly doubled since 2014,” as Movieguide® previously reported. 

A new study reveals, “When asked about the type of pornography consumed, 52% of teenagers said that they have seen ‘violent pornography.’ Additionally, only 33% of respondents reported watching ‘pornography in which someone asks for consent.’” 

“It’s time for us to talk about pornography. We need to consider conversations with teens about pornography the same way we think of conversations about sex, social media, drug and alcohol use, and more,” the study stated. 

“Kids can and will be exposed to pornography one way or another, often before a caregiver has a chance to tackle the subject,” it continued. 

What can parents do? 

“The first step toward better protection is to accept that, if cyber-crimes and a host of online violations can happen to others’ children, they can happen to yours,” Norris said. “It’s time for us to wake up from our online slumber and denial, and protect our children from the corruption of internet intruders.”

Norris shared a few tips parents can implement to protect their children online.

Actions such as limiting children’s time online, reviewing the material on their devices, installing anti-porn software and discussing the dangers of the internet can all help keep children safe.   

“Smartphones and the internet are a huge blessing and a huge curse. It’s a fantastic and quick source for keeping in touch with loved ones, disseminating or reading news, reading commentary, sending and receiving communications, exchanging goods and services,” Norris explained. 

However, “its corruptive purposes run as deep and wide as its benefits,” he concluded. 

Movieguide® previously reported on Chuck Norris’ efforts to protect children from internet dangers: 

Martial artist icon and actor Chuck Norris recently called on parents to take responsibility for protecting their children from harmful online addictions and dangers.

Norris cited several studies which showed how more and more children are spending more and more time online.

According to a study In 2019, Common Sense Media found that 1 in 5 eight-year-olds now have a smartphone. Over 50% of children own a smartphone by age 11.

Moreover, according to the same study, teens spend 7 hours per day on screens…

“As parents, I think one thing we all can agree on is this: Part of loving and raising our children is regulating their access to opportunities and situations until they are developmentally ready to show good judgment and self-control,” Norris writes. “But we also need to protect them from those who prey upon them, and too few parents realize just how proliferating the online predators have become.”

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