Church Attendance and Movies


– Sources:  Gallup, 06/25/10, Variety, 01/04/12 (Page 20), and The Barna Group, 07/26/11.

Weekly church attendance among adults in the United States is 43.1%, according to Gallup.

If extrapolated to include children, the number of Americans attending regular church services weekly could be as high as 134.86 million people out of the 312.9 million people in America.

Of that number, the Barna Group says 15% of adults, or 36.61 million people, also regularly go to Sunday School on a typical Sunday, and at least 19% of adults, or 46.37 million people, donate some of their time weekly to serving at a church.

This compares to only 24.58 million people, including children and adults, who went to the movies in a typical week in 2011 in both the United States and Canada, according to ticket sales information culled from Variety, the main trade paper for the entertainment industry.

* Church Attendance vs. Movies


Weekly Activity

Number of People per Week

Adults and children going to church

134.86 million

Adults donating time to church

46.37 million

Adults attending Sunday School

36.61 million

Adults and children going to movies

24.58 million


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