Church Attendance on the Rise in Britain

Church attendance is on the rise in Great Britain, to about 2% per year, according to Peter Oborne in the Daily Telegraph in London.

While the increase in church attendance among Roman Catholics has increased only slightly, Oborne said the Church of England reported that church attendance increased 7% in 2010 compared to 2009. Even more phenomenal growth is being seen in the Pentecostal churches springing up in the suburbs of Britain’s biggest cities, Oborne said, which attract immigrants from African countries like Nigeria and Ghana.

Oborne reports that 1.7 million people attend Church of England services in the average month and more than 918,000 attend Roman Catholic services. He also said 1.5 million people now use their churches as a base for voluntary work, according to the National Churches Trust.

“Churches are starting to regain some of the social function they enjoyed in the Middle Ages,” he said.

Maybe these churchgoers would like to see some movies with strong, overt Christian content like COURAGEOUS and SOUL SURFER.

– Source: ASSIST News Service, 01/03/12.