Comedian Chonda Pierce Says ‘Only The Divine’ Could Have Seen Her Through Dark Times

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Comedian Chonda Pierce Says ‘Only The Divine’ Could Have Seen Her Through Dark Times

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Comedian Chonda Pierce says her “foundation of faith” and love of laughter have seen her through hard times. 

“King Solomon says laughter is good like a medicine, and the sound of it has been a healing thing for me, even though I’m the one dispensing the words to make people laugh,” the comedian said during an appearance on THE 700 CLUB. “I think we who have gone through tragedies are also drawn to that lighter side of life, and so there are a lot of comedians who start making a living in comedy when they’ve come from so much deep, dark stuff.”

Pierce said that there is “no explanation” for how she has gotten this far without God’s hand in her life, adding, “There’s got to be a way to get through things you never dreamed you could get through, and that is only the divine.”

She also emphasized the importance of having a strong faith to lean on during times of struggle. 

“In my life — good or bad or ugly — my life was filled with Sunday school lessons and by Bible study and wonderful Christian music, so that I had this foundation of faith that, when things started to shake around me, I didn’t fall apart,” Pierce said. 

Pierce goes into more detail about her life in her new book, “Life Is Funny Until It’s Not: A Comic’s Story of Love, Loss, and Lunacy.”

“Pierce recounts a preacher’s daughter’s childhood filled with heartbreak, including abuse, her parents’ divorce, and the sudden deaths of her two sisters in the span of two years,” a description of the book reads. “Even after she achieved success in her comedy tours, trials and tragedy dogged her through marriage, motherhood, and widowhood. But God was there with her through every sorrow and every joy. This story of unshakeable hope and faith will inspire readers to turn to God and trust his faithfulness.”

When asked what she thinks the overall message of her book is, Pierce replied, “Hopefully, the overall message is that there’s a girl who went through a list of traumas and came out of it still loving God, still loving life and still laughing. That it’s possible.”

Movieguide® previously reported on Pierce’s book:

Who doesn’t love a good laugh?

Comedian Chonda Pierce knows all about making people laugh, but she also knows that some things are funny and some aren’t.

“I spent 31 years on the road telling the funny stuff and the goofy stuff, and telling stories about my father and our dysfunction and all of that,” Pierce told The Christian Post.

Pierce decided to write a book so her fans could better understand her story.

Despite the hardships she’s faced, the comedian believes God will use them to encourage others. “I like to use…the things I’ve been through in my life as a way, perhaps, to inspire,” she told Just the News.

“My greatest hope is that people see a thread of Christ through every chapter, even the bad stuff, the hard stuff,” she told The Christian Post. “I want people to see a person clinging to Christ on a good day and on a bad day. And that is the only way you make it through.”

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