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Comedian Tim Hawkins Debuts Ode To ‘Redneck Oasis’ Buc-ee’s

Photo from Tim Hawkins’ Instagram

Christian Comedian Tim Hawkins Debuts Ode To ‘Redneck Oasis’ Buc-ee’s

By Movieguide® Contributor

Christian comedian Tim Hawkins is professing his love for gas station chain Buc-ee’s in his latest song. 

“If you get it, you just get it,” Hawkins said of “Buc-ee’s,” his ode to the well-stocked gas stations, before launching into the song. 

The comedian joked that he’s uncertain of a lot in this world, from Lady Gaga’s vocal abilities to peace in the Middle East, but one thing’s for sure: “I do know we’ll be stopping at Buc-ee’s.”

Hawkins also lists off some of the items you can purchase at what he calls the “redneck oasis”—fudge, jerky, hoodies, a cast-iron frying pan and the chain’s famous Beaver nuggets, to name a few. 

“Buc-ee’s” is just the latest in a string of popular parody songs that the comedian has put out. Hawkins began his comedy career in the 2000s after coworkers encouraged him to sign up for an open-mic night. 

“I had no other choices, no other skills,” Hawkins said, per the Daily Independent. “I tried everything, and I’ve been fired from every other job. I don’t know why, but this was the one thing that seemed to fit. I’m lucky there was a profession I could be an idiot and get paid for.”

He is known for his music, something Hawkins thinks of as even more powerful than his comedy. 

“I talked about connecting to other people emotionally, and music has always connected me on a deep emotional level,” he told the Christian Post. “I always wanted to bring that energy to the show, even in comedy. I love musical comedy.”

Movieguide® previously reported on the role faith has played in Hawkins’ career:

Hawkins discussed how he sees God’s work in his comedy career, as well. 

“I think joy is that thing that God brings to the table, that is a deeper connection with Him, where you don’t just laugh to forget, but you can say a message, or say brief testimony, or whatever I’m going through spiritually this is who I am. People today they’re not into real nice, perfect packaging. They just want real,” the comedian said. “I just love God. I always have. I always thought He was the greatest.”

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