Comic Con Cancels 2020 Convention

Photo by Phil Shaw on Unsplash

Comic Con Cancels 2020 Convention

By Evy Carroll, Movieguide® TV Host

Comic Con San Diego has really grown to gigantic proportions. The event started about 50 years ago as the place to go to get your favorite comics, often handed to you and signed by the artists themselves. It was pure joy for those who loved comics, and not just the action-packed comics like X-Men or Guardians of the Galaxy, but also comics like Archie.

The event kept growing and growing and the entertainment industry started to see the influence of this division of entertainment. Major studios started showing up, like Warner Brothers, Walt Disney and Sony. This caused Comic Con to explode to approximately 130,000 people within the conference and maybe another 100,000 walking around outside the conference. Now, each studio competes on the size and level of presentation they do at Comic Con.

It was at Comic Con where the first glimpses of STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS debuted, with storm troopers around 6,000 attendees, as they watched the first clips. The audience roared with excitement, knowing that they would be the first people in the world to see this content. Then, the entire audience was then taken by storm troopers to the San Diego docks to watch an orchestra play the STAR WARS theme song, along with JJ Abrams and the cast of THE FORCE AWAKENS.

The reason the studios invested so much in Comic Con is because these were their bread and butter audience.

It’s like taking the Jesus Story to one of Rick Warren’s churches, these “fanboys” would then go out and tell all their friends, all their followings, about what Disney or Warner Brothers was planning to produce and release.

Attending with a gigantic audience, it is hard to not get hyped about the content, which is exactly what the Hollywood studios want. Though, of course, being the opposite of a fangirl probably because growing up in the entertainment industry, I know just a little too much about how movies are made. I thought, I’m going to watch the movie, then promote it if it’s morally acceptable.

They have now made Comic Cons all over the country, with one in New York and another in Anaheim. We probably have all seen the photos of people walking outside the convention center in elaborate, handmade, cosplay costumes. Also, thousands would sleep on the concrete ground, even for as long as two days before the event, waiting to get in the doors of the main convention area of Comic Con: Hall H. Hall H would include all of the Hollywood Studio events, with the celebrities from the movies, and attendees could go up and ask questions of the celebrities on the panels.

Comic Con has now been canceled in 2020. The fanboys and fangirls are probably devastated and perhaps trolling the Comic Con site at this moment yelling at the organizers. As always, Movieguide® will stay on top of the Comic book movies coming out, and every other movie really, and let you know, even if we won’t be able to sit in the Hall H seats at Comic Con.

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