Consequences of Fractured Families and Cultural Decline

The David C. Cook Landmark Study has some surprising stats gleaned from children’s leaders in Grades 3-5 and from their teachers.
First of all, most of the children are biblically illiterate.
According to teachers, only 7% of elementary school children deserve an “A” in Bible knowledge, while 47% would get a “B,” 38% deserve a “C,” 7% deserve a “D,” and 1% deserve an “F.”
Secondly, 56% of the children’s leaders cited peer pressure as their top challenge, followed by their need to develop friends (45%) and dealing with their own self-image (35%). Children also fear failure and not achieving what their teachers and parents expect.
Finally, the study also reports that most children do not live in a traditional household.
For example, some have no male role model whatsoever in the home. In fact, Vacation Bible Study may be the only time they get to interact with men, both younger men and elderly men.