Corrupt “News” Media Favors Obama, 2 to 1!

America’s national “news” media has become thoroughly corrupted politically, according to two new studies on the current presidential campaign.
The Center for Media and Public Affairs reports that evening newscasts on NBC, ABC and CBS have favored Sen. Obama over John McCain, 65% compared to 31%! NBC was the worst, with 56% positive for Democrats and only 16% positive for Republicans. The news portion of Fox News Channel’s Special report with Brit Hume was the most balanced, with 39% for McCain and 28% for Obama.
Another study by the Pew Research Center’s project for Excellence in Journalism found that the news coverage in America was 57% negative toward McCain and only 29% negative toward Obama. In fact, the study found that major news outlets were 57% negative on McCain and only 14% positive!
Newspapers were even more negative against McCain, 69% versus 28%.
Ironically, the coverage on the Fox News Channel was perfectly balanced! Fox News, the “fair and balanced” network, was 40% negative toward both campaigns.
The positive coverage on Fox was also evenly divided, 38% toward McCain and 35% toward Obama.
Meanwhile, the bias on the extremely liberal, pro-Democrat “news” network MSNBC was completely out of whack, 73% negative against McCain versus only 14% negative against Obama! Also, the coverage on MSNBC was 43% positive toward Obama and only 17% positive toward McCain.
Your children and grandchildren are being brainwashed by this abhorrent bias, as are many voters.
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The media creates the culture that elects and appoints our leaders. If the media is corrupt, then so will our leaders be corrupt!
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