Cory Asbury Opens Up About Relationship With Dad: ‘God Works All Things For Good’

Photo from Cory Asbury’s Instagram

Cory Asbury Opens Up About Relationship With Dad: ‘God Works All Things For Good’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Christian singer Cory Asbury recently shared the emotional meaning behind his song “My Inheritance.”

“I felt like, growing up as a kid, my dad was tough on me, but thankfully, our relationship has grown over the years, and we found a lot of healing,” he said in an Instagram video. “When I was a teenager, especially, it was difficult, and this song is just kind of reckoning with that fact and going, ‘You know, I didn’t get what I thought I was going to get out of that relationship.’”

Asbury admitted he “wrestled with God” over the “hurt, pain, and heartache” that came from his complicated relationship with his dad. 

However, the musician shared that there was something that created a bond between him and his father. 

“My dad owned a record store called ‘Sid’s Music’ when I was a kid, and he used to bring me home CDs (back when they were still a thing lol) and records of classics like The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Nirvana etc. That record store is where I found my love for music,” the singer wrote in the video’s caption. 

Asbury also said his dad “brought me home my first guitar and that was a massive gift. That’s what started the songwriting journey I’ve been on and it’s a place that I’ve gained so much ground and wisdom and healing…I wouldn’t have gotten that if not for my dad bringing home my guitar.”

“Life always does look different than we thought it would, but God works all things for good,” Asbury concluded. “It’s one of those situations where it didn’t go the way I wanted it to, but it made me the man I am today. That’s my inheritance. I guess that’s good enough.”

“My Inheritance” is featured on Asbury’s most recent album, “Pioneer,” which was released earlier this year. 

“I am convinced that these songs are real. True. Honest and transformative,” Asbury said of the album. “I’ve spent my whole life searching for a song. A song that made me feel human. Made me feel alive. Something that matched the depth of emotion I felt even as a young boy. Something real. Something visceral. Something that made me feel like someone else understood what I felt. Sadness, pain, joy. All of it.”

He continued, “Most Christian music is so cookie-cutter. We pretend like everything is fine when our houses are burning down. What if we just said, hey, my house is burning? Can you help me put it out? And even if you don’t help me, at least sit by it with me and watch it burn. We can roast some s’mores together in the embers and talk about how your house is burning too.”

Asbury spoke to American Songwriter about the new direction his songs were taking, explaining, “Some folks are gonna go, ‘He doesn’t love God anymore. He doesn’t love Jesus, whatever.’…At the same time, I want to bring them along on the story. I want to help them understand where I’m trying to go and where I’m trying to go is just writing great songs. Wherever they land I’m happy. As long as they speak to people, and hopefully change lives, whatever that looks like, I’m good with that.”

Movieguide® previously reported on “Pioneer”:

While it has been a few years since Asbury released new music, he hasn’t slowed down when it comes to writing new songs. As he stepped away from full-time ministry, he and his wife took time to process and reflect on their time working at churches.

“There were some things that were difficult, some things that were painful about it. And we let God speak to those things and heal those places,” he said. “It’s been really beautiful. It’s been really powerful. We’re not bitter or angry at the church or anything like that. But there’s stuff that happens that’s real. And if you don’t deal with it and face it, you’ll end up living in bitterness and offense. And we didn’t want that.”

“We did the processing and God met us in the middle of that,” he continued. “It’s been really sweet.”