Country Music Star Walker Hayes: It’s All About Jesus

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Country Music Star Walker Hayes: It’s All About Jesus

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Singer Walker Hayes and author Craig Allen Cooper recently dropped their new co-written book “Glad You’re Here: Two Unlikely Friends Breaking Bread and Fences.”

In a new interview, the country music star and the pastor discussed how the book came to be and how they became friends. 

“Nashville beat me up, I was an alcoholic, Laney and I had lost a kid. It was tough, and Craig’s — the unconditional love (from) Craig and his family truly changed my life,” Hayes said. “We saw Jesus in them so clearly. And that’s coming from an atheist….so that’s wild. And again, it’s just wild that we’re sharing a book about Jesus.”

“We’re neighbors now,” Hayes continued. “It’s insane, and I love this guy. I love his family, and I’m just glad we get to do life together.” 

This is not the first time Hayes turned his relationship with Cooper into art. In 2017, he released “Craig,” a song that described Cooper’s kindness and friendship. 

“A lot of people have heard the song and can think of it as a one-sided thing. The truth is, Walker and Laney and their family have been with us in our hardest times, and they have lifted us up,” Cooper shared. “It’s just been a friendship, I think that is from heaven.”

“It’s all about Jesus, honestly now. Which it wasn’t at all,” the singer added. “When I wrote this song for Craig, I was very intentional about not saying Jesus’ name. I didn’t want to say his name. I didn’t believe in him. But I said, ’man, this dude might actually know him.’ That’s what the song says, and that was kind of my rebuttal to their unconditional love.

“I truly feel like I’ve been given this platform, this stage to share this message,” he continued. “The timing of it has been all Lord-orchestrated. We just have a great platform to share this message of vulnerability, friendship, and just strangers becoming neighbors.”


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