Country Star Craig Morgan Re-Enlists in Army Reserve After 20-Year Hiatus

Photo from Craig Morgan’s Instagram

Country Star Craig Morgan Re-Enlists in Army Reserve After 20-Year Hiatus

By Movieguide® Contributor

Country music star Craig Morgan believes he has more in him that can serve his country.

After a 20-year hiatus, Morgan decided to re-enlist in the Army Reserve to help promote more recruitment.

“Recruiting is at an all-time low,” he said in an exclusive interview with Fox News Digital. “It has never in the history of our military been as low as it is right now.”

Morgan’s main goal is to show people that they can still pursue a career, family and other goals all while still serving their country.

“Like me as a touring artist, I’ll still be able to live my life and tour and do all the things that I do,” he explained. “But I also want to encourage this younger generation that the Army offers you something you cannot get in any other occupation.”

“You’re going to receive training that you cannot receive in the civilian populace,” Morgan said. “And I think it sets you up for nothing but success for the rest of your life.”

Despite his age, Morgan knows he is a “never quit kind of guy” and is up for any challenge thrown at him.

“I’m a little older than most people joining these days, but…I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I’m going to be able to do more than what they ask of me,” he expressed.

He was sworn into the Army Reserve last summer at an Opry performance.

“Opry Member Craig Morgan surprised the Saturday Night Opry by enlisting and being sworn into the U.S. Army Reserve,” the Opry posted.

In honor of his re-enlistment, Morgan has released a brand new album called “Enlisted.”

The album features big-name country artists like Luke Combs, Jelly Roll, Blake Shelton, Gary LeVox, Lainey Wilson and Trace Adkins.

Enlisted” is filled with old songs but with a twist.

“It was so special to have this talented group re-record some of the hits and a couple new ones. I’m really proud of this project and these people,” Morgan wrote on a social media post.

Movieguide® preciously reported how Morgan balances military life and a music career:

Country star Craig Morgan explained how he balances his music career with his commitment to his country as a member of the U.S. Army Reserve.

“Well, that’s easy for me,” Morgan said about his duties as a member of the Army Reserve. “I spent 18, almost 18 years of my life in [the Army]. So my mental capacity in that area has never changed. In fact, that’s easier for me than this music stuff most of the time.”

“There’s a term once a soldier, always a soldier. For me, I have never quit being a soldier, even though I was no longer actually serving in the capacity of a service member on duty,” he told Fox News. “In my head, I’ve always been a soldier, and I always will be.”

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