CROODS: NEW AGE Director Says the Movie Is About Family, Fatherhood

CROODS: NEW AGE Director Says the Movie Is About Family, Fatherhood

By Movieguide® Staff

THE CROODS: A NEW AGE director Joel Crawford used his father’s heart to pour into the latest story about a cave family who does what it takes to survive and thrive together.

“Maybe Grug’s not ready for the next step in his daughter’s life, as she’s growing up, she’s ready to leave the pack and start a home of her own, and that is just hard for any father,” Crawford told Moveigudie®.

“It’s really a story about change. It’s not only the father going through that, but also the these young adults experiencing what love means and what freedom means and so that was really the goal in this,” the director said.

According to the Movieguide® review: 

The animated comedy THE CROODS: A NEW AGE starts with Eep falling in love with Guy, the teenage boy her prehistoric family found. Eep’s father, Grug, is sad that Guy and Eep are planning to make a life for themselves. He feels he must get rid of Guy. One day Grug stumbles upon a nice garden and house. The owners come out, the Bettermans. The Bettermans end up knowing Guy and want him to marry their daughter instead. Will Eep still marry Guy, or will the Bettermans and Grug get their way?

Crawford also said he wanted to make a movie that could positively influence his children.

“In making this, I take into account, not just my kids but kids all over the world who are experiencing the characters,” Crawford said.

“One of the big choices we made in this was that we didn’t want the two female characters — the teenagers when they first meet–we didn’t want that to be the classic trope of jealousy, of cattiness, of negativity,” he continued.

The first thing the two girls do when they meet each other is think, “‘I have a new best friend!’ And that decision is one that I’m really proud of because when my daughters watch the movie, they don’t see these girls talking about guys and being jealous. They see two best friends actually treated much the same way we treat boys in comedies, where it’s funny to watch them be idiots together and make the same choices so that friendship is one that I’m really happy we made that choice with,” Crwaford said.

THE CROODS: A NEW AGE also has relevance during the isolation of the pandemic.

“This theme of connection and disconnection has become even more relevant over the three years we’ve been making this,” Crawford said.

“Like we’re having our conversation now through the computer through technology,” he said referencing the interview format. “[Technology is] not necessarily a bad thing it’s great that we can do this, but I think we all feel this. Humans are pack animals, where we want to be together, and that’s what I feel is very relevant in this story.”

Crawford hopes people can find some laughter and hope through the movie during this time.

“It’s been a joy to work on this movie, even despite the crazy 2020, and all the challenges when you’re surrounded by,” Crawford said. “Like we have an amazing team of over 300 people who just have the most positive attitudes and that joy, I feel like, we were able to infuse into the movie. Hopefully that people can enjoy this movie, and it could bring some laughter into the world right now.”

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