Current High Court Rules in Favor of Decency on TV

The U.S. Supreme Court announced April 28 that it voted 5-4 to support the FCC’s new rules banning unplanned “fleeting expletives” on network television, such as the use of the “f” word by U2 singer Bono on the 2003 Golden Globes show.

More and more viewers have complained in recent years about such unplanned obscenity and pornography, including Janet Jackson’s “wardrobe malfunction” at the Super Bowl.

The FCC under President George W. Bush took a strict attitude toward such violations of the laws governing the public airwaves, but that policy may change with President Barack Obama’s liberal nomination of Julius Genachowski as the new FCC chairman.

Be that as it may, the liberal members of the Supreme Court obviously don’t mind the proven evil effects that obscenity and pornography have on the hearts and minds of vulnerable children.

– Source:  Wall Street Journal, 04/28/09.


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