Danny Gokey Shares ‘Key to a Joy-Filled Life’: Gratitude

Photo from Danny Gokey’s Instagram

Danny Gokey Shares ‘Key to a Joy-Filled Life’: Gratitude

By Movieguide® Contributor

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Christian artist Danny Gokey recently shared why it’s important to be thankful.

“What are you grateful for??? 🦃 🥧👏,” Gokey asked his social media followers. “With Thanksgiving just around the corner, here are some thoughts to help you prepare your heart & mind.”

“It’s so easy for this holiday to get lost in the rush to Christmas, but the Bible tells us that taking the time to be grateful is actually the key to a joy-filled life! 🙌 When we fail to recognize the good things around us, we can slip into darkness and depression. So pause today and find something – anything – to be thankful for … You’ll be amazed at what it can do to change your outlook! 🌅” he shared.

He turned to Romans 1:21 to highlight what happens when someone doesn’t have gratitude: “‘For they knew God, they did not glorify him nor show gratitude.’ What happens when you don’t show gratitude? The next verse says it right here: ‘And their senseless minds were darkened.’…When you’re ungrateful, your mind becomes darker and you can’t even see good when good is all around you.”

To destroy that mindset of darkness, Gokey says to thank God and acknowledge “what he’s already given us.”

“Those who are thankful realize and see the blessings all around them,” he said. “Those who aren’t thankful don’t see blessings, and they start complaining, and that’s what digs them into a deeper pit. If we can just pause today and say ‘God, thank you for the breath of my lungs.’ There’s some people who aren’t even breathing today. They died this morning, in their sleep, or yesterday.”

He continued, “But there’s also ‘God, thank you for the roof over my head.’ There are some people who are living on the streets and in our country and in different countries around the world, and have no idea where their next meal is coming from… Gratefulness allows you to see that, and be grateful and content.”

“Being content is the secret to life,” he concluded.

Movieguide® reported how Gokey recently shared how to “fear God” through all seasons of life:

The singer explained that there is a simple answer for how we should conduct ourselves “in every season.”

“Fear God. Keep his commandment. For this is the duty of all mankind,” Gokey said. “No matter what season you’re in, fear God. How do we fear God? The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. You’ll find answers when you fear God. You’ll take Him at his word. If you don’t fear God, you’ll cast his word aside and do what you feel. But fear God [and] you’ll always come out on top.”

The singer recently shared another video about how there is so much to be grateful for. He explains that whatever God gives is a reason to give thanks. If anyone can move their limbs, they should be grateful. If anyone’s loved ones are alive, they should be grateful.

“Every heartbeat you don’t deserve, but God gives it to you,” he said.”…So don’t waste it. Thank God, and then turn around and use it for His glory.”

Gokey’s song, “Agradecido,” means gratefulness in Spanish. In the song, Gokey praises God for each day and highlights the joy that gratitude brings. Some of the lyrics read:

I can’t help but thank You Lord for every blessing

You pour over me, over me

I can’t help but dancing like a fool

Because of how you set me free

Can’t help but sing


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