Dean Cain Responds to Cancel Culture’s Uproar Over Police, Superheroes

Screenshot via Fox News video

Dean Cain Responds to Cancel Culture’s Uproar Over Police, Superheroes

By Allyson Vannatta, Senior Writer

Actor and reserve officer Dean Cain reacted to the TIME Magazine piece that re-examined how Hollywood portrays police officers and superheroes on camera.

“This ones got me a little fired up,” he said. “This is insane to me though because these people will scream anti-police rhetoric all day long, but when their life is threatened, and they need a hero they will dial 9-1-1 and a police officer will show up because police officers are heroes.”

While talking to Ainsely Earhardt on Fox News, he points out that there are some bad situations and bad cops, but the majority of cops are there to protect and serve their communities.

Cain, who portrayed Superman in the show LOIS & CLARK: THE NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN from 1993-1997, said the cancel culture we live in today is “crazy.”

He said that the TIME article makes a bunch of claims that are untrue.

One claim is, “In the real-world, tolerance for law enforcement acting with impunity is eroding.”

Cain said the world has never tolerated, and will never tolerate, law enforcement acting with impunity.

The actor also refutes the author’s claim that Hollywood heroizes cops.

He listed a few movies that disprove that claim like TRAINING DAY and  THE DEPARTED.

He goes even further to refute the claim saying, “A bad cop is a great villain because they are not supposed to be bad,” when talking about how Hollywood portrays cops. “This stuff all just drives me insane.”

Earhardt said in all the superhero shows and movies, “They always show that good prevails in the end.”

Earhardt cited the attack on PAW PATROL as an example of cancel culture.

“They hate capitalism, they hate law and order and they hate America” said Cain.

Earhardt ended the interview saying that while there are bad apples in every line of work, it doesn’t gives us a right to assume everyone in law enforcement is going to be bad.

Cain agreed and noted his frustration that cop shows that have been canceled like LIVE PD and COPS were canceled because, “Those shows humanize police officers. You get to know them; you get to see what they’re dealing with. It doesn’t heroize them in any way shape or form. It shows you the kind of stuff they have to deal with on a daily basis.”

Watch the full interview below.

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