Despite Disappointing Season, NFL QB Derek Carr Relies on Christ: ‘I Got in His Presence, I Found Peace’

Photo from Derek Carr’s Instagram

Despite Disappointing Season, NFL QB Derek Carr Relies on Christ: ‘I Got in His Presence, I Found Peace’

By Movieguide® Staff

Despite NFL quarterback Derek Carr’s potential to lead his team, the Las Vegas Raiders, the 31-year-old found himself on the bench midway through the season.

The Raiders finished the year 6-11, which put them out of playoff contention.

Despite starting for the team since 2014, Carr said that he relied on his faith in God in the face of disappointment.

“I removed myself from a situation, and I just got in God’s presence every day,” Carr told Christian Headlines. “I got in His presence, and I found peace. And I found joy. I found answers to my questions.”

“Everybody is asking me, ‘How are you doing?’… I’m doing great, and I’m gonna tell you why. … I’m doing great walking with Jesus. He has been speaking so loud to me. It’s been so clear to me,” Carr continued. “That doesn’t mean that it has felt easy. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t woken up and felt angry at times. That doesn’t mean I haven’t woken up and felt a little upset at times, sad at times. Dang, I really wish I could have done more. I really wish that I could have helped more or I could have done better.

“… I didn’t accomplish the things that I wanted to accomplish … with the Raiders. [But] there are things still for me to accomplish in Las Vegas.”

Carr, who holds multiple franchise records for the Raiders, said that he puts his identity in Christ and not on his performance on the field.

“I came up short. But does that mean that I come up short with who God sees me as? Does that mean that because you didn’t accomplish your goal, you’re not a Son or a Daughter of the Most High?” he said. “…No, because I know that there’s a God in heaven that sees me in a new light. There’s a God in heaven that doesn’t put these cultural lenses on me. He sees me for everything He created me to be. He sees you for everything … that He created you to be. Just because we come up short does not determine our worth.”

Carr is open about his Christian faith and said that his priority is to show people how Christ’s love has impacted his life.

“So, yeah, I see people saying certain things about me. Yeah, I see people holding up signs outside when I’m driving in [to the stadium],” Carr explained. “Yes, I see all those things. But my job as a believer is to reflect the light of Christ back to them. And so when they see me [and think,] ‘Why doesn’t he react a certain way?’ It’s because I’m reacting the way Jesus is telling me to react. I’m reacting the way that my Father is telling me to react.”

“There’s some things that I read in the Bible, and it messes with me. … But if the Word says it, that’s what I stand on. If the Word says it, that’s what I believe. If the Word says it, that’s what’s true. That’s what’s right – not Derek’s opinion,” he added.

Movieguide® previously reported:

Derek Carr is the face of the Las Vegas Raiders, but he doesn’t let that distract him from the most crucial thing in his life, his faith in God.

As the NFL quarterback enters his ninth season in professional football, the 3-time Pro Bowler discussed his journey with Tauren Wells, host of “The High Note” podcast.

Carr said that at one point, he would’ve hung up the jersey if God called him into ministry; but he realized that he has a current ministry on the field.

“It was in that moment where I think the Lord knew that my heart was His, and I’ve been able to minister to thousands of people,” Carr said. “I’ve been in stadiums — 15,000, 18,000 people — preaching the Gospel and watching thousands of people get saved. I’ve seen healings take place. I’ve seen people set free. I’ve seen marriages reunite. I’ve seen kids come back home. All while playing football.”

Carr said that he enjoys the challenge of sharing Christ with non-believing teammates.

“Honestly, it’s fun,” he told Wells. “Some of the best conversations I’ve had are with non-believers because there’s an interest. Sometimes there’s a big ‘no’ sign up, and it’s just fun to talk about. Like, ‘Hey, we can disagree, and we can just talk about it.’”