Director Of Operations for U.S. Military Credits Family for Inspiring New Song

Photo from Bree Jaxson’s Instagram

Director Of Operations for U.S. Military Credits Family for Inspiring New Song

By Movieguide® Staff

While serving the United States Military as director of operations for Operation Lone Star on the Mexican border, Bree Jaxson found time to pursue her love for music.

Jaxson said that despite her busy schedule as a mother of two and active-duty military personnel, she recently released her first song, “With You.”

“I just really spend time being productive, meticulously outlining what I have to do during the day, for the military, what I have to do for my other job, and then focusing on music, because that’s my true passion,” Jaxson told Fox News. “I love serving, and I’ve done it for 13 years, but music is where my heart is, so just making that a priority.”

Jaxson said that her two children, 9 and 7 years old, inspired her latest single.

She said that they “have been accustomed to the military deployment life since they were born, but as they get older, it’s definitely harder.”

Jaxson said that her youngest daughter often misses her on her long stretches away from home at the Mexico-U.S. border.

“She calls me, and she’s just hysterically crying. I can hear it through the phone, and she’s just begging me to come home,” she shared. “I hung up the phone and of course, I’m in tears, she’s in tears, and I just sat down, and I wanted to write them a song that they could put on, or they could listen to, to comfort them when I’m gone and just letting them know that I was with them, even though I couldn’t physically be there with them.”

While the song is deeply personal, Jaxson said that she decided to release it to the public because other families struggle with similar situations.

“I wanted it to be something special for my kids to have, and then I thought of all the other people that I started with or who have to be gone for jobs and how this could kind of comfort them,” Jaxson said. “Even grandmothers and mothers of like older children are messaging me and like, ‘this song is beautiful. It just reminds me of my kids when they were younger.’ It’s been so cool to hear.”

“I would love to be able to do my passion as my job, as my career, and as I’m getting closer to kind of retirement in the military, it gives me a little glimmer of hope that there might be time to be able to jump all the way,” she added. “My family is very supportive. They’re super supportive, which I couldn’t ask for anything more. My husband, while I’m deployed, he has my kids, and when I do music, they’re right there cheering you on.”