Disney Developing Magic Kingdom TV Universe for Disney+

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Disney Developing Magic Kingdom TV Universe for Disney+

By Movieguide® Staff

Ron Moore, known for FOR ALL MANKIND, will lead the way as Disney+ looks to launch a franchise centered around Disney Park’s “Magic Kingdom Universe.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Moore’s first Magic Kingdom Universe project will be THE SOCIETY OF EXPLORERS AND ADVENTURERS (SEA). The planned series for streaming is set in a world where all of Disney’s theme parklands and characters exist together in a different reality.

Disney has already seen great success with their other greater expanded universes, such as Star Wars (THE MANDALORIAN) and the Marvel Cinematic Universe (WANDAVISION).

Backed by the Disney Imagineering team, Moore will write and executive produce SEA for Disney+ and 20th Television. According to THR, the team will reportedly expand the Magic Kingdom universe in the future after SEA, which is in the development stage.

THR reported that the franchise would explore Disney’s many theme park characters like the sea boat captain from the “Jungle Cruise” ride, the prospector from “Big Thunder Mountain,” or the climbers of “Matterhorn.” However, Disney and 20th Television have not confirmed anything yet.

Although nothing is confirmed, Disney’s success with THE MANDALORIAN and the MCU bodes well for their newest venture possibility.

“I decided to go there mostly because my childhood was built around a lot of things that were Disney. I am a huge fan and aficionado of the Disneyland park in Anaheim to the point where I would go there by myself periodically and ride the rides,” Moore told The Hollywood Reporter podcast TV’s Top 5. “The opportunity for me to get to work on a lot of the classic IP that Disney has and things in their library that meant so much to me as a child growing up and that I have shared with my children ultimately was just something I couldn’t pass up.”

The move would also add more exclusive content to their streaming library as it fights for subscribers with Netflix and other streamers.

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