Does Tolerance Breed Islamic Jihad?

While European, American, British, and Canadian leaders are caving in to demands from the misguided Muslims in their midst, Christians in Pakistan are coming under increased persecution by Muslims.
According to the Los Angeles Times on Feb. 5, “rising Islamic extremism” in that country is putting more Christians in serious danger. Dozens have been jailed for allegedly violating arcane blasphemy laws forbidding anyone to defame Islam, even indirectly or unintentionally. Christians are also barred from equal pay, housing and educational opportunities, or even attacked or murdered.
Consequently, many Christians are so fearful that they don’t wear any outward symbols of Christian faith.
“The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom wants the State Dept. to name Pakistan a ‘country of particular concern,’” the Times writes.
As William J. Federer wrote on Feb. 15 in “Moderate Muslims turning radical?” on WorldNetDaily, the West’s increasing tolerance of problematic, or even immoral, Muslim practices encourages extremist Muslims, and moderate Muslims, that the whole world will sooner, rather than later, embrace the draconian measures of Muslim “sharia” law and submit to the intolerant, anti-biblical god of Islam.
Thus, our tolerance may actually be fueling the unholy satanic fire encroaching upon us. The fire is already killing our brothers and sisters in Christ in Pakistan and other Muslim/Arab countries. We need to put out the fire before it enslaves or destroys the rest of the world.