Does Wal-Mart Really Save You Money?

The low prices of the Wal-Mart chain of discount department stores are well known. Ad Age reported recently, however, that these apparent savings are misleading, because Wal-Mart also depresses wages of workers in general.
Thus, the benefits of Wal-Mart’s lower prices and its cheap goods from overseas are outweighed, at least partially, by its depression of the wages that your family earns through its blood, sweat and tears.
This also shows that, when doing any kind of economic analysis, it is important to account for all of the pertinent factors involved, not such a few.
Why is this important to know?
Because economic analyses of issues can affect the thinking and behavior of voters, including parents, as well as the social policies that government officials consider. This is also why MOVIEGUIDE® spends a lot of time doing a comprehensive financial analysis of the entertainment industry, so that it can encourage the opinion leaders in that industry to make more family-friendly movies and TV programs with strong Christian values and strong biblical elements. These movies and programs generally make the most money and bring lasting joy to millions of people. Our friends and supporters play an important role in helping MOVIEGUIDE® transform the entertainment industry – and the culture it influences – with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.