Dog the Bounty Hunter’s New Memoir Reveals ‘Power of God in My Life’

Photo from Duane Chapman’s Instagram

Dog the Bounty Hunter’s New Memoir Reveals ‘Power of God in My Life’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Duane Chapman, better known as Dog the Bounty Hunter, is revealing new personal and spiritual insights in his latest memoir, “Nine Lives and Counting: A Bounty Hunter’s Journey to Faith, Hope, and Redemption.”

“As one of the world’s most legendary bounty hunters with a career that reads like a series of high-octane novels, Dog now invites readers into his real-life drama with this untamed tale straight from his heart,” a press release said.

The book releases today, April 16, and promises tales of “grit” and “relentless pursuit.”

It contains “memories of the painful events that shaped my childhood…triumphs and failures from my days as a single dad…and my most essential lifeline–faith in Jesus,” said Chapman, reality star of DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER series.

Movieguide® previously reported on Chapman’s faith:

“My journey has built faith,” the 69-year-old Chapman told The Christian Post. “I’ve been through some terrible stuff, but it builds faith when you can look back and tell other people ‘Look, I’ve been there done that. Here’s what you do.’ And then they do it. I love sharing my testimony … so others don’t have to go through it.”

The book unveils Chapman’s transformative life story. He shares how his mom always prayed for him, how God protected him in his perilous occupation, how he found new love late in life and other impactful stories.

“This book is filled with new and NEVER shared before stories about my life and MORE, it shows the POWER OF GOD in my life!!” Chapman said on Instagram on Jan. 26.

“With each sentence, readers can walk alongside Dog through the harrows of crime and punishment, family and faith, and the fortuitousness of second and third acts,” the press release said. “Nine Lives and Counting is a bold call to the world to have a heart as boundless as the horizon – a horizon that marks the start of another chase, the beginning of new endeavors and an unwavering testament to the enduring human spirit.”

The author and his wife live out their faith through their ministry, The D.O.G. Foundation, which provides housing and support for trafficking victims. They also preach and speak across the nation.

“I will always hunt down fugitives to make them accountable to the law. Now I am also hunting down the outcast, the leper, the lame and the brokenhearted,” Chapman said. “I am hunting the prisoner, the trafficked, the addict, the dysfunctional. I want to see them reborn and experience the redemptive love of Jesus. This is the Dog I was called to be.”