Dolly Parton Launches New Dollywood Resort: ‘I Ask God to Let Me Shine’

Photo from Dolly Parton’s Instagram

Dolly Parton Launches New Dollywood Resort: ‘I Ask God to Let Me Shine’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Legendary Country singer Dolly Parton just opened a large cabin-style resort, HeartSong Lodge, at Dollywood.

She chatted with Knox News about the lodge in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, and how she wants to be a “light” and an encouragement to those around her. This comes as a timely statement amidst the forest fires in nearby East Tennessee.

“I try to find the good in everybody [and] everything,” Parton told Knox News. “I try to do as much good as I can in the area that I’ve been confined to, and if I’m a light, I hope so, because I ask God to let me shine. Let me do and say things that would be uplifting.”

“I think we all have our own little light. Some of us don’t get a chance to let it shine, but I try to keep mine shined up and polished up and do as much good as I can,” she said.

Dollywood’s new resort boasts high-level comfort with a wilderness feel.

“The 302-room resort with balcony views of the property and the Smokies offers arts and crafts activities, an outdoor cove with a waterfall, a full-service restaurant, a grab-and-go market and you can even relax by the communal firepit and roast marshmallows and sing campfire songs,” USA Today reported.

“I like having something that’s a little rustic. And I’d say this is high-fashion rustic,” Parton quipped.

Parton shared that it’s meant to be a retreat for families, a special place where they can indulge for a little while.

“I’m just big on family. It’s something for everybody to do…It’s just really a wonderful spot to refresh and to be entertained,” Parton told Knox News. “I want [guests] to feel like they’ve been appreciated and that they’ve been pampered and spoiled just a little bit and catered to, especially the moms of the house, and the dads, too.”

Parton told CNN, “When you grow up in a big family, you cater to one another, you cater to your neighbors, you cater to your friends, even on Sundays when the preacher comes over, you’re always kind of giving and we kinda have that spirit (at Dollywood resorts).”

Movieguide® previously reported Parton’s comments about Dollywood’s family-like spirit:

Despite the pandemic’s effect on theme parks everywhere, Parton noted how Dollywood persevered.

“I think it’s amazing how our crew has done all the things that they’ve done. Last year, of course, like everybody else, we were open on a limited basis but everybody was so great to practice the safety rules,” Parton told GOOD MORNING AMERICA host Robin Roberts. “The people here are like family so any time you have a process of any kind you just kind of pull together and get it done. People always brag about the staff here at Dollywood.”

This year marks Dollywood’s 36th season and has become a second home for many of the employees.

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