Dr. Ben Carson Discusses the Power of the Human Brain: ‘Remember You’re Made In The Image of God’

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Dr. Ben Carson Discusses the Power of the Human Brain: ‘Remember You’re Made In The Image of God’

By Movieguide® Staff

Professor and former presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson recently explained the importance of education and the importance of understanding that God created our brains.

The former neurosurgeon said that while many people come up with an excuse as to why they cannot excel, God has made us in his image, and that includes our brains.

“Remember you’re made in the image of God,” Dr. Carson told Kirk Cameron on TBN’s TAKEAWAYS series. “That includes your brain; the human brain, billions and billions of neurons, hundreds of billions of interconnections. It remembers everything you’ve ever seen, everything you’ve ever heard, it can process more than two million bits of information in one second. You can’t overload it. Some people say don’t learn this, you’ll overload your brain, but you can’t overload it. If you learned one new fact every second it would take you more than three million years to begin to challenge the capacity of your brain.”

“God gave you plenty up there and it’s up to you to decide what you want to do with it. When I thought that I was stupid I didn’t even pay close attention to what the teacher was saying because I figured I wouldn’t understand it anyway,” he added. “But when I had a complete revolution in my thinking, not only did I listen to the teachers and not only did I get A’s in my subjects I said, ‘That’s not nearly enough,’ and I would spend all my extra time outside of the classroom learning on my own, learning much more than was required in the classroom and that set me on a trajectory of academic success.”

Dr. Carson acknowledged that there are a number of obstacles that we may face as we try to learn new information, but that the responsibility to react well is on the individual.

“You have to recognize that the person who is ultimately responsible for what happens to you is you,” he said. “How do you react to the situations that you are in? If you allow an excuse to be a containing fence then you’re stopped right there. You’re not going any further. On the other hand if you look at it as a hurdle, you jump over it or you go under or you go around it or you go through it. But every hurdle helps you to become stronger. For the next hurdle you can stop and complain or you can go over the hurdle.”

Carson, who was bullied in elementary school for being dumb, said that he would not be where he is today without God’s provision in his life.

“I sometimes feel like I’m on the outside looking at this incredible story,” he told Cameron.

“Amazing things have continued to happen and I know that, as an individual, I’m not that great. There’s somebody else operating this whole story and I ask him every day to continue to do so,” he added. “I say, ‘Please use me, Lord, as your vessel to affect good in the world. To be someone who advocates for you and maybe someone who draws others to you.”

Movieguide® previously reported:

Actor Kirk Cameron recently spoke with Dr. Ben Carson about his childhood, career in medicine, and faith.

The former presidential candidate said that he learned a lot about gratitude when he was younger, being raised by a single mother with little money.

“My story is largely a story of my mother, who came from rural Tennessee, had less than a third grade education, was from a huge family, shifted from home to home and got married at age 13,” he explained on Kirk Cameron’s TAKEAWAYS show. “I moved to Detroit with my father, discovered that he was a bigamist, had to end up raising us by herself.”

Despite their poverty, Carson remembers how important education was to his mother.

“She was a person who believed in education even though she didn’t have any because she worked as a domestic, cleaning out of people’s houses and she noticed they were beautiful homes and she said what makes these people so successful and she studied them she was really a spy and she said it’s because they don’t watch TV all day and they read a lot of books.”

“She came home and imposed that on me and my brother,” he continued. “We were not happy campers but we had to do it. That really changed me from a failing student to an academic superstar.”

Despite his prowess in the medical field today, Carson said that he initially was nicknamed, ‘the dummy’ in elementary school.

But after Carson started to read on his own, he quickly became the student others looked to for help.

“Even though we lived in an extremely poor environment, I didn’t mind poverty so much,” he recalled. “Once I turned things around from reading because I knew that I had the power to change that, that was only temporary and that’s something that’s so important to give that to our children today instead of telling them that they’re victims and that the society is oppressing them,” he said. “Help them to understand that the person that has the most to do with what
happens to them is them and not somebody else, not some circumstance.”

“Doesn’t mean that there aren’t obstacles and problems but the Creator gave you an incredible brain so you don’t have to sit there and mope and wine, you can figure out how to get around those obstacles that exist,” he added. “Once I developed that mindset it was tremendous.”

Watch the full interview below:


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