DUCK DYNASTY’s Phil Robertson Baptizes Podcast Fans While Preaching the Gospel

Photo from Phil Robertson Instagram

DUCK DYNASTY’s Phil Robertson Baptizes Podcast Fans While Preaching the Gospel

By Cooper Dowd, Staff Writer

Although DUCK DYNASTY went off the air in 2017, the show’s Phil Robertson still succeeds in reaching a broad audience as host of the “Unashamed” podcast as well as authoring books and hosting television shows that are rooted in Robertson’s faith in God. 

The reality TV star began the weekly video podcast on April 28, 2019. New episodes of the show are available to watch or listen to on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Play, Phil Robertson’s YouTube Channel, and on BlazeTV.

“Making this show feels just about as natural as breathing for me, Jase and Al,” Phil Robertson said. “We are not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we are not ashamed of our way of life, and we will not be silent.”

Despite his wildly successful career in Christian entertainment, Robertson does not lose sight of what is truly important; spreading the Good News of the Gospel to the world.  

In an interview with Billy Hallowell from the “Edifi” podcast, Robertson said that his podcast is fulfilling his goal of reaching people for Christ.  

“They’re coming from that podcast… about nine or maybe 10 in the last three days—they’ve come all the way down here,” Robertson said when people started to go to Louisiana to become baptized in person. “And I’ve baptized that whole little crew. Well, it’s that way every day or two. They just keep coming.”

Robertson said that there is no unique strategy for getting people to come to get baptized.  

“All we’re doing is we’re reaching out to our neighbor, and we’re telling them to love their God, repent and turn to God, walk like Jesus did,” Robertson said. “Love God and love your neighbor … I do not see the downside to that.”

The 74-year-old never shies away from sharing the Gospel and recalls a few times when he has even given the message of hope to Donald J. Trump.  

“I reached in my pocket and I pulled out a diagram of the gospel, an arrow coming down out of heaven—God becoming flesh—the cross, the tomb, and an arrow coming out of the tomb and the last arrow coming back down to earth,” Robertson said. “I said, ‘Whatever happens, Trump, don’t miss this.”

Robertson said he is an advocate for fighting for religious freedom and believes that Jesus is the answer to the current turmoil faced by Americans today.   

In addition to Robertson’s podcast, the New York Times bestselling author wrote a book entitled Jesus Politics: How to Win Back the Soul of America.

“We’re at a tipping point, and the forces of evil are going up against the forces of good,” Robertson said.

Movieguide® reported on his new book previously:  

Robertson wrote the book to encourage fellow believers to be aware that Jesus is our King and that He will lead Christians well in what Robertson calls a spiritual war as opposed to a political war. 

“‘We are a chosen people, a holy nation of people belonging to God’ [1 Peter 2],” Robertson quoted in an interview with the Christian Post. “We’re a Kingdom, a spiritual Kingdom, with Jesus being the King… He’s our brother, our friend, our Savior, He’s a great King!”

“He’s never going to desert us… He’s removed our sin,” Robertson continued. “He’s going to raise us from the dead, and so we go forth and share that with others because I don’t think it’s a political fix. I call it ‘Jesus Politics’ because I wanted them to see it’s a spiritual war we’re in. Not so much a political fix. It’s a spiritual fix.”