DUCK DYNASTY Star Shares Sobering Message on Dealing with Lyme Disease

Photo Courtesy of Mary Kate Robertson on Instagram

DUCK DYNASTY Star Shares Sobering Message on Dealing with Lyme Disease

By Tess Farrand, Staff Writer

Mary Kate Robertson entered the DUCK DYNASTY family when she married Willie and Korie Robertson’s oldest son John Luke in 2015. Since being thrown into the widely popular Christian family, Mary Kate uses her platform to encourage young women through her blog, “The Little Duck Wife.” In one of her most telling posts, the 22-year-old brought to light her battle with Lyme’s disease, giving an inspiring perspective on God’s healing hand amid the hills and valleys of her medical journey.

Lyme Disease is an inflammatory disease carried by ticks that can wreak havoc on your body, causing headaches, low energy, rashes, and many other symptoms. Last year, Mary Kate spoke about how her whole family also battles Lyme Disease. Despite the hard times and frustration, Mary Kate made a point to note God’s hand in her situation “it’s not always easy to believe God is good in the midst of this. Sometimes it feels impossible, but we have to hold on to what we know.” She continued, “we’ve prayed for healing for years, and just because God hasn’t answered our prayers in the way we would like for Him to, doesn’t mean that He is not at work. I have to believe He has a plan, and I believe in whatever He is doing He is going to be most glorified.”

In one of her most recent posts titled, “Health Update,” Mary Kate reminds readers of the downsides to battling Lyme by recounting her recent findings on medical care, diet and even exercise routines. She begins the post by stating in bold font her heart behind sharing intimate medical details, “My prayer is for this simply to reach who it needs to reach and that the Lord will bring physical and spiritual healing through it.”

Instead of telling people the things they might be doing wrong when it comes to health, Mary Kate turns attention back to God. After a few paragraphs, Mary Kate notes some of her key takeaways from this season of life. She says, I don’t push my limits with that. I’ve learned to give my body what it needs.”

From her post, readers can learn that spiritual, emotional and physical health are all intertwined, and God is the ultimate author of true healing. In a world where so many girls need a positive role model who’s not afraid to talk about the difficult parts of life, like disease or chronic illness, it’s refreshing to read Mary Kate’s words. For those that don’t suffer from terrible illnesses, it’s also a reminder to pray for and encourage those that do.

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