Dude Dad’s Taylor Calmus on SUPER DAD: ‘If You’re Tired, You’re Doing It Right’

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Dude Dad’s Taylor Calmus on SUPER DAD: ‘If You’re Tired, You’re Doing It Right’

By Movieguide® Staff

Taylor Calmus, known as “Dude Dad” on YouTube, recently shared his journey into the entertainment world and becoming a husband and father.

After moving from California to Colorado, Calmus noticed that while YouTube had content for everyone, there were surprisingly few channels surrounding fatherhood.

“I’d seen a lot of mom vlogs, but there was nothing out there for dads,” he told the Greeley Tribune. “I wanted to share my experiences as a dad and fatherhood.”

One of the ways he let people into his life as a husband and father was the renovation of the Calmus’ house.

In 2020, Calmus and his family bought a home in Fort Collins, Colorado, without ever stepping inside it first. Since their move, Calmus has posted updates of his renovation work, which grabbed the attention of FIXER UPPER duo Chip and Joanna Gaines.

To raise money for St. Jude, Calmus launched a challenge to see who could build the best playhouse.

“Chip and I are very similar in that we are these DIY guys who are these goofy dads, and I always really admired him and his show and how cool it would be to work with him,” Calmus explained. “So I created this challenge video and got it out there, and they accepted. We ended up raising $1.5 million dollars for St. Jude.”

Not only did the event raise money for the hospital, but it also landed Calmus with a new show for the Magnolia Network called SUPER DAD.

The show highlights “aspiring DIY dads turn their kids’ outrageous backyard dreams into playtime realities.”

“It’s a whole different beast, and it’s fun because we get 30-minutes to tell a story so you have a lot more room for reality to play out and to dive a little bit deeper into the story,” Calmus said. “And the projects all got bigger. But it is a ton of work. I’ve never worked harder than trying to make a TV show.”

Calmus said that as much as the show has taught him about DIY projects, it has also taught him important lessons regarding parenting.

“I’ve got three kids and I am tired all the time and one dad told me, really simply, that if you’re tired, then you’re doing it right,” he said. “And that really struck a chord in me. If you’re tired, you’re putting in the effort and the work.”

Now, Calmus and his wife are expecting their fourth child.

Movieguide® previously reported:

Magnolia Network breakout star Taylor Calmus uses his new show to teach fathers how to build structures and memories to enchant their children.

“I think that our duty as fathers is to create the adventures for our kids,” the SUPER DAD star says. “Kids go through this crazy process of developing mentally and emotionally and physically, and they really learn the most from just play. That’s literally their job as kids, it’s just to play, and us as dads. we have very playful souls, so I really feel like it’s kind of our place and our duty to create the adventure for our kids.”

In SUPER DAD, now on Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia network, Calmus teams up with fathers to turn their backyard play time dreams into reality for their families.

For Calmus, SUPER DAD is an opportunity to showcase uplifting content and inspire viewers.

“We’ve got some amazing stories on SUPER DAD,” Calmus tells Movieguide®. “Some of the different dads we meet, they don’t all have like perfect stories. A lot of them have very imperfect stories, but it’s sort of where they’ve gone and the choices they made out of those stories that make them super dads.”

Calmus continues: “The show is about not just building structures but building memories, and helping a dad do something really cool for his kids so that he can be their hero in a whole new way. It’s about creating those positive experiences for these kids with their dad.”

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