SUPER DAD’s Taylor Calmus Celebrates the Joys of Fatherhood

Photo courtesy of Magnolia Network

SUPER DAD’s Taylor Calmus Celebrates the Joys of Fatherhood

By Jessilyn Lancaster, Managing Editor

Magnolia Network breakout star Taylor Calmus uses his new show to teach fathers how to build structures and memories to enchant their children.

“I think that our duty as fathers is to create the adventures for our kids,” the SUPER DAD star says. “Kids go through this crazy process of developing mentally and emotionally and physically, and they really learn the most from just play. That’s literally their job as kids, it’s just to play, and us as dads. we have very playful souls, so I really feel like it’s kind of our place and our duty to create the adventure for our kids.”

In SUPER DAD, now on Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia network, Calmus teams up with fathers to turn their backyard play time dreams into reality for their families.

For Calmus, SUPER DAD is an opportunity to showcase uplifting content and inspire viewers.

“We’ve got some amazing stories on SUPER DAD,” Calmus tells Movieguide®. “Some of the different dads we meet, they don’t all have like perfect stories. A lot of them have very imperfect stories, but it’s sort of where they’ve gone and the choices they made out of those stories that make them super dads.”

Calmus continues: “The show is about not just building structures but building memories, and helping a dad do something really cool for his kids so that he can be their hero in a whole new way. It’s about creating those positive experiences for these kids with their dad.”

In addition to SUPER DAD, Calmus is also behind the YouTube channel “Dude Dad,” that features both silly and sweet videos about his family, including the recent introduction of his third child, Otto, who joined big brother, Theo, and big sister, Juniper.

Calmus and his wife, Heidi, share their parenting hacks in fun but meaningful ways as they learn how to wrangle their family.

“[The parenting journey] changes a lot, because you get more confident in what you’re doing, but you also have less time,” Calmus says. “You just learn to juggle more. The first one’s really a trial-by-error situation, right? And you do a lot better with the second one, and then the third one comes, and you’re just kind of hanging on, and trying to check as many boxes as you can. You start to give yourself more slack in different things and say, you know what, I didn’t do this the way I wanted to today, but I’m going to do better tomorrow. We need to show our kids grace and ourselves grace, because we are figuring it out, as well.”

Calmus wants to infuse his content with that grace, as well as other uplifting and positive values.

“Dude Dad and SUPER DAD both are just positive content,” he says. “It’s just positive, feel-good content, and it’s not like feel good lovey-dovey, everything is great. It’s just realistic but with a positive attitude about it.

Calmus also refuses to incorporate negativity in his videos.

“In our show, me and the showrunner Carlos talk about this all the time [because] there’s no drama in our show,” Calmus says. “Even if something happens while we’re shooting, where like a tree falls on the castle a day before we’re supposed to reveal it, we don’t film it, because that’s not what this show is about. It’s not about drama.”

Instead, Calmus says, he wants both his YouTube content and television show to reflect the celebration of fatherhood.

“My goal in all of it is at the end of the day, if the kids are bragging about their dad to their friends, that’s it. It’s amazing because there’s no feeling in the world than for me as a dad, to hear my kids brag about me.”

SUPER DAD is available now on Discovery+ and Magnolia Network. Movieguide® has not reviewed the individual episodes and cannot advise on its content.

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