DUDE PERFECT’s Tyler Toney Describes How Faith Sustained Family Through Miscarriages

Photo from Tyler Toney’s Instagram

DUDE PERFECT’s Tyler Toney Describes How Faith Sustained Family Through Miscarriages

By Movieguide® Contributor

DUDE PERFECT’s Tyler Toney and his wife Bethany recently opened up about their relationship, their journey to parenthood, and how faith has played a role in their lives. 

Tyler and Bethany were friends for years after meeting on a beach trip with their church, and ended up tying the knot in 2011. The popularity of DUDE PERFECT’s videos led Tyler to quit his job, something Bethany was initially nervous about. However, after seeing how successful her husband was doing something he was passionate about, Bethany decided to pursue her own dreams as a special education aide. 

“We were both so fulfilled with what we were doing,” Bethany said. “[Tyler’s] success really took off at a time when I felt like God was calling us to start a family.”

Sadly, the couple struggled to conceive and Bethany suffered miscarriages. 

“I was so angry at God during that season of our life,” she shared. “Because I just felt like God was ignoring me and that he wasn’t hearing my requests for things.”

Finally, in 2017, the couple welcomed a son named Barrett. Two years later, they had another son, Colton, and in 2020, they had son Rhett. 

Watch their full conversation here.

Both Tyler and Bethany are obviously devoted to their families, something that Tyler is taking into his work with DUDE PERFECT.

Movieguide® previously reported:

Dued Perfect is comprised of Tyler Toney, Cody Jones, Garrett Hilbert, and twins Coby and Cory Cotton, who currently reside in Frisco, Texas.

Dude Perfect uploaded their first-ever trick shot video in 2009, which currently nears 15 billion views on YouTube.

The group’s mission statement on their website reads: “We’re about giving back, spreading joy and glorifying Jesus Christ.”

In their 2020 documentary, DUDE PERFECT: BACKSTAGE PASS, the group said that Christ is the foundation of their lives.

“Faith is really the underlying principle and theme behind everything Dude Perfect does,” Tyler Toney says in the documentary, according to Sports Spectrum.

“Making content that was family-friendly came initially from our faith in Jesus, and we felt like that was something we really, truly wanted to do,” Coby added.

Although the group of friends did not believe that their trick shot endeavors would turn into a full-time job for them, a camera crew and editing team, Garrett said that the Lord immediately started to bless their efforts in 2009.

“The Lord just took it to new levels,” Garrett recalled. “Deals just started flooding in. … It was like, ‘Boom, quit (your other job). This is what you were called to do. Do it.”

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