Engaged Christian Students Fight Human Trafficking

By Sarah-Jane Murray, Contributing Writer

 Christian students took a stand during the 2012 PASSION Conference in Atlanta, GA, proving through example that “Faith without acts is dead.” (source: CNN, 1/5/2012 http://www.cnn.com/video/?/video/world/2012/01/05/cfp-clancy-do-something-now.cnn).


The four-day PASSION Conference sold out to 42,000 college-age students and featured worship and discussions led by Chris Tomlin, David Crowder Band, Matt Redman, Charlie Hall, Christy Nockels, and Kristian Stanfill, as well as Francis Chan, John Piper, Beth Moore, and Passion’s founder, Louie Giglio. It concludes today.


Christian youth attendees raise money amongst family and friends and then make a donation on-site to support the conference’s designated organizations. Last year, attendees donated $1.1 million, surpassing the goal of $1 million.


This year, the target for monetary donations was set again at $1 million. The focus: to fight human trafficking around the globe. Of the $1 million target, $100,000 was designated to support the Atlanta PD in fighting the sex trade in the host city. According to the “Do Something Now” website, every year, more than 5,000 girls are trafficked and raped for profit in Atlanta. The average age of children being sexually exploited in Atlanta is 14, and some are as young as 10. This morning, the attendees of PASSION 2012 presented a check in the amount of $100,000 to the mayor of the city of Atlanta.


Upon news of the total donations received for 2012, the Georgia Dome and twitter-verse exploded with excitement and thanks. And, for just cause: the attendees raised over $2.5 million dollars, and inspired a couple in attendance, who chose to remain anonymous to donate an additional $500,000, bringing the total donations to over $3 million. As one young attendee tweeted: “Don’t count this generation out.”

– Source:  Live.268generation.com, 02/05/12.

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