Erin and Ben Napier Give Fans a Sneak Peek at HOME TOWN Season 7

Photo from Erin Napier’s instagram

Erin and Ben Napier Give Fans a Sneak Peek at HOME TOWN Season 7

By Movieguide® Contributor

Erin and Ben Napier are giving fans some insight into the upcoming season of HOME TOWN, including Ben’s shoulder injury and the families they helped. 

“It was scary, but also I had been in so much pain that I was losing sleep and really struggling: not doing a good job, not carrying my weight as a father, you know, playing with the girls like I needed to and all that,” Ben told Country Living.

The injury was caused by a bone spur, and he eventually decided to have surgery to correct the issue. 

“You carried your weight fine,” Erin added. “It was different than it had been.”

Ben said the injury was “something that had bothered me for years, but then it was getting worse and then no improving at all. It was weird.”

Luckily, he made a full recovery and quickly returned to creating new homes for families. While the couple worked with many new faces this season, they also got to spend time with some familiar friends, including Erin’s former teachers. 

“They were both my teachers when I was little, the husband and wife, and to see that, I just see them so differently now. They’re such vulnerable, normal adults to me now, and at the time, they were the teachers,” she shared. 

In a recent interview with TV Insider, the couple spoke about HOME TOWN’s popularity. 

“People are looking for comfort because the world is tumultuous right now. It’s scary to watch the news. I think for a lot of people, HGTV is the way they cope. It’s nice to see,” Erin explained

Ben added, “HOME TOWN is very attainable. We’re dealing with budgets of less than a quarter million sometimes, but rarely have we, if ever gone over half a million. So it’s very attainable where you may have other shows where you have homeowners who have a budget of multiple millions. This is something anyone can do. Anyone can move to a small town, buy a house and renovate it, live in it, and be a part of that community.”

The Napiers recently celebrated their 19th anniversary and shared some of their secrets to a happy marriage. 

“Every day, I wake up and I want her to fall in love with me that day,” Ben told USA Today. “I want to win her over that day.”

The couple also pointed to the fact that they spend all their time together and don’t keep secrets. 

“We try to keep secrets, but we can’t,” Ben laughed. “I can’t keep anything from her. She can’t keep anything from me.”

Movieguide® previously reported on HOME TOWN:

HGTV shared a major update about their popular series starring Ben and Erin Napier, and viewers will have plenty of opportunities to watch the DIY couple in action.

The most exciting news is that the show has been renewed for 20 episodes for Season 8 in 2024, per YAHOO.

“BREAKING NEWS: #HGTVHomeTown has been renewed for Season 8! 🎊 🎉,” HGTV announced on Instagram. “And if you’re anxiously awaiting the Season 7 premiere, know that we’ll have a date/time for you to mark your calendars shortly 😁🗓️”