Erin Napier Prepares to Celebrate Christmas With Toddler: ‘Y’all Pray For This Tree’

Photo from Erin Napier’s Instagram

Erin Napier Prepares to Celebrate Christmas With Toddler: ‘Y’all Pray For This Tree’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Erin Napier sent up a very special prayer before the start of the holiday season — for her Christmas tree. 

“Y’all pray for this tree,” the HGTV star wrote over a photo of her youngest daughter Mae, 17 months. 

The picture shows Mae in pajamas, looking up at a large Christmas tree surrounded by a baby gate and some chairs. It’s clear that the toddler has already been pulling on the tree and its ornaments!

Erin and husband Ben also share 4 year-old daughter Helen. The couple recently talked about how their daughters are getting along these days. 

“[They’re] finally playing together,” Erin said, with Ben adding, “But they’re also finally jealous. If one of them gets in Mama’s lap, then the other one is close behind, and there’s a fight fixing to happen.”

“And if I try to put them both in my lap, they just pull each other’s hair,” Erin laughed. “So it’s a struggle right now, honestly.”

Movieguide® previously reported on how the Napiers are parenting their daughters:

In a recent interview, HGTV star Erin Napier shared details about her new children’s book and her youngest daughter’s upcoming first birthday. 

Her new book, called “The Lantern House,” tells the story of a house that different families call home over the years. 

“I want to teach our girls why we do what we do,” Napier explained. “Why do we care so much about restoring old houses?” 

The book was illustrated by friend and artist Adam Trest, who has appeared on Napier’s show HOME TOWN. While Napier herself is an artist, she said she needed someone with a “totally different skill set” to illustrate the book. 

“I do a painting of a still life, and I guess that tells a story in one way. But illustration literally tells a story, and it requires a totally different skill set than what I have,” Napier explained. “That’s what Adam specializes in. All of his paintings he’s ever done felt like they could be illustrations from a children’s book.” 

Napier’s daughters are already big fans of “The Lantern House.”

“She’s basically memorized it,” Napier said of her oldest daughter Helen. “We read it so much when I first was writing the proof that now that the actual book is here, she has memorized the story and is not as interested in reading it which just kills me. It’s like, ‘No, baby, this is a real book. Before, that was just typed pages with words, but look at this!’”

Despite everything that is going on in Napier and her husband Ben’s lives, from home renovations to writing books, the couple always put their daughters first. 

“Every day at lunch we come home and eat with the girls, and we see them at least once or twice between 8 and 5,” Napier explained. “It’s a very strange career we found ourselves in, and we want the girls to be a part of our life in every way.”