Evangelist Nick Hall Ahead of TOGETHER ’22: ‘There’s Always Hope Because God Is On The Throne’

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Evangelist Nick Hall Ahead of TOGETHER ’22: ‘There’s Always Hope Because God Is On The Throne’

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Evangelist Nick Hall recently announced TOGETHER ’22, a free event held in Dallas, Texas, in the Cotton Bowl Stadium on June 24-25.

Hall said that he expects over 50,000 people to attend the event and is excited at the prospect of spreading the Gospel.

“We really do believe we’re on the dot of a new Jesus movement,” Hall told The Christian Post in a recent interview.

The event mirrors the 1972 evangelistic conference by Billy Graham, Expo ’72, which took place at the Cotton Bowl Stadium.

According to Hall, the free event will help train future evangelists. It will feature a list of prominent Christian speakers like Jeremy Camp, Chris Tomlin, Tasha Cobbs Leonard, Dick Eastman, Paul Eshleman, Ebony Small, Jonathan Evans, Josh McDowell, Preston Perry, Shane Pruitt, Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, Miel San Marcos, Evan Craft, Israel Houghton & New Breed and more.

Hall recalled that people who had attended Exp ’72 brought the Gospel back to his home state of North Dakota and that his father became a believer.

“That changed my dad’s life, it eventually changed his marriage, it changed our family,” he remembered.

“Our prayer and our hope is not for an event, but our prayer and our hope is to change generations,” Hall said of the upcoming event. “That’s what happened in ’72 and we believe that’s what God can do again today.”

Hall also compared today’s culture with America in the 70s, noting the similarities.

“There had been a massive cultural tide of young men and women in the midst of chaos seeing Jesus not as a religious figurehead, but seeing Him as a revolutionary who modeled life a different way,” Hall said of Billy Graham’s time.

“I don’t think they want a faith that doesn’t call them to action,” Hall said. “I don’t think they want a faith that is just about rules, and they certainly don’t want a faith that is just politics.”

Aside from TOGETHER 22, Hall also founded PULSE in 2006 to reach young people with God’s word.

“We really believe that it’s time to rally behind this generation, it’s time to unleash them, to commission them,” Hall said.

“I think we’re living in an age where if you want to follow Jesus, you’re going to be ridiculed for it, and you’re going to be ridiculed for it by many religious people, because they would rather have safety and comfort and power than the things that Jesus actually calls for and invites us into,” he continued.

“So many people speak without hope, they speak as if this generation is doomed, and I would say those people are not speaking with the heart of Christ … because God never dooms an entire generation, there’s always hope because God is on the throne.”



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