FBI Closes In on Who Pirated WOLVERINE Movie, Director Says

Director Gavin Hood of X-MEN ORIGINS:  WOLVERINE, the first summer season blockbuster, said the FBI is closing in on who pirated an unfinished copy of the movie and posted it on the Internet.

They know the location of the pirating, Hood said at a press conference attended by MOVIEGUIDE®, but they don’t know the who.

“It was really quite stressful, to put it bluntly,” Hood told journalists about the theft before a recent press screening of the movie. “It was devastating for me when it happened.”

To combat the effects of the theft, Hood said they are putting different scenes from the future DVD release of the movie at the end of the credits into different prints at different theaters.

“I’m thrilled that it’s finally out there in the form that we wanted it to be, on a big screen, and thank you for coming to see it on a big screen,” he concluded.