They just named FINDING NEMO 2!

Something for FINDING NEMO Fans. . .

By Evy Baehr, Associate Editor

The sequel to one of Movieguide®’s favorite family movies, FINDING NEMO, has been officially announced as FINDING DORY.

Movieguide® is excited to see if this movie proves excellence just like FINDING NEMO did. This sequel has a release date of November 25th, 2015 and will be directed by the same wonderful director of FINDING NEMO.

It’s very apparent in FINDING NEMO that Dory has short-term memory loss. She constantly forgets Nemo’s name. Even so, when Dory has a mission to help Marlin find his son Nemo, she starts to remember things. The love Marlin has for his son is so apparent in FINDING NEMO that it becomes one of the great cinematic representations of fatherhood of all time.

FINDING DORY is about Dory on her own adventure to find her family. Some of the same characters will be used and, of course, some new ones added. Stay tuned to find out more about FINDING DORY.

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