Football Folly

Football is fun. I loved playing it and I’ve enjoyed watching it many times, but my wife asks the obvious question we men are too blind to ask, “Why would men want to engage in such violent, dangerous activity, or even watch it?”

Women have their own basketball and soccer leagues. They play softball (much like baseball), they even box and wrestle, but football is a man’s domain. It’s warfare with rules and a clock. Generals (coaches) plan a series of ten second battles and troops get paid a fortune to execute them. Injuries are absolutely expected. Teams have “depth charts” and injured reserve lists.

Football consistently wins media ratings wars. A record 111.3 million Americans watch the 2012 Super Bowl. They were offered commercials that expose the even greater folly of football.

While it’s true that God has created for us a natural world for our pleasure, football players and male football fans are often portrayed as beer guzzling, violence loving zombies who consider women to be useful only as sex objects. The role of women in football is to bounce around in scanty outfits and amuse men while the coaches and players prepare for their next battle. Between possessions, quarters, and while the injured are removed from the field, football’s television audience gets a steady diet of beer, sex, car, and junk food commercials.

Go-Daddy tried to sell its web services to Super Bowl fans portraying two American men dreaming that heaven will provide them with lots of sex. Do they think Americans are Muslim terrorists?

God made men and women equal but different. God made men stronger. Throughout history, men have been the primary warriors, but Christianity has done much to crush the idea that women are a lesser beings, destine to be simply objects created for men’s sexual gratification.

American football, and the media that surrounds it, feeds the stereotypes of old. It degrades women and glorifies violence. It causes little boys to want to become a football star, make a fortune, and get a trophy wife. Few boys live this dream, but millions dream it.

Ironically, many men who do become football stars find that the fame, the money, and the trophy wife do not bring happiness. Real happiness comes from seeking and obeying God, who has the best possible plan for your life, whether you’re male of female.

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