Former NFL Player Turned Army Vet: ‘Nothing Is More Important in My Life Than My Faith’

Photo from Jake Bequette’s Instagram

Former NFL Player Turned Army Vet: ‘Nothing Is More Important in My Life Than My Faith’

By Movieguide® Staff

U.S. Army veteran and former NFL player Jake Bequette recently said that he is trusting God and entering the field of politics.

“Nothing is more important in my life than my faith,” Bequette told Faithwire. “I was very blessed to be raised in a two-parent home where I was raised to fear the Lord and … there’s no greater blessing that a young person can have.”

Bequette said his desire to run for Senator of Arkansas came from his faith and want to preserve every American’s ideals.

“I think people around the country, they’re craving a return to the faith-based values this country was founded upon,” Bequette said. “Our founders spoke about it, they wrote about it extensively, they fought over it and I think … people of faith and even people who, you know, might have lapsed faith or people who have gotten away from the churches … they still feel that longing.”

Bequette notes that there is an alarming lack of leaders who are willing to “stand up and speak the truth.”

“You’ve got to be standing on the rock because you know you’re going to be attacked,” he said. “I feel called to be in this race. … Part of being in this race … is being obedient to God’s calling and God’s plan for my life.”

Although the political stage is new to Bequette, he is used to career changes. After fulfilling his dream of playing college football with the Arkansas Razorbacks, he joined the military.

Bequette confessed that he never thought he would play in the NFL. However, in 2012, the New England Patriots drafted the vet.

Bequette said that his time in Iraq opened his eyes to the “true nature of evil.”

“It meant the world to be a part of that,” he said. “And then being in Iraq … that deployment really opened my eyes. You know, it doesn’t take long, being on the ground in a country like that, to understand the true nature of evil.”

That’s why Bequette wants to make a difference.

“We need real conservative warriors — true leaders who can stand up and lead from the front,” he added. “I’m not a career politician. I come from a sports background. I come from a military background and I’m doing this because I believe in this country. I believe … the great state of Arkansas deserves great leaders.”

Several movies address the importance of having godly men and women in government, like the GOD’S NOT DEAD franchise.

For example, in GOD’S NOT DEAD: WE THE PEOPLE, Reverend Dave finds himself taken aback by the interference of the government, and believing that their right to educate their own children is a freedom worth fighting for. Reverend Dave is called to Washington D.C. to testify in a landmark congressional hearing that will determine the future of religious freedom in our country for years to come.