GAC Family Partners With Trevor Donovan to Combat Bullying

Photo from Trevor Donovan’s Instagram

GAC Family Partners With Trevor Donovan to Combat Bullying

By Movieguide® Contributor

Actor Trevor Donovan’s mission to eradicate bullying brought him to the frontline to address children directly. He recently joined Deer Lakes Middle School in Pennsylvania to launch a special assembly focused on anti-bullying.

In 2019, Donovan started an initiative called Be the Kind Kid. However, when GAC Family became involved, the anti-bullying movement gained momentum and a name change to The Upstanders.

As previously reported on Movieguide®, Donovan said:

“The idea behind that is to really encourage kids with a little bit more social influence in school to stand up for kids that maybe can’t stand up for themselves, to help to create a community and create a group effort to stop bullying.

“This is something I started in 2019… these kids participated and were so incredibly involved that I felt like we should continue this and keep visiting schools,” Donovan shared.  “I remember when I was a kid, you could get teased or bullied at school, and then you could escape, go home and get away from it. These days with the internet and with social media platforms, it’s nearly impossible to escape.”

Donovan’s appearance is a part of GAC Family’s “Giving and Caring” initiative and marks his second visit to the school. According to Trib Live, 10 students were nominated to “represent the campus wide initiative to help support the school’s anti-bullying efforts” and Donovan shared “personal anecdotes of experience with bullying and the importance of treating others with respect.”

Donovan further shared his reasons for becoming involved in battling bullying:

“The more positivity we can bring to these kids and the more inspiration to be a good person that’s just going to be contagious and it’s going to lay out a path for them on how they operate and exist through life,” he explained. “If you can start at this age, they’re going to have this core of being a certain kind of human being. The more kids we can influence in that direction I think the better our future is going to be.”

Donovan is known for his roles on television drama series 90210, NCIS, and has become a fan favorite of Hallmark and now GAC Family viewers. His work with GAC Family includes a starring role in JINGLE BELL PRINCESS and producer credits in upcoming projects.

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