‘God Is Showing His Goodness’: Maverick City Music’s Chandler Moore Welcomes Baby with Wife Hannah

Photo from Chandler Moore’s Instagram

‘God Is Showing His Goodness’: Maverick City Music’s Chandler Moore Welcomes Baby with Wife Hannah

By Movieguide® Contributor

On April 13, Maverick City Music singer Chandler Moore and his wife, Hannah, celebrated the birth of their first child,  daughter Krue Grace Moore.

“I’m obsessed with her. I’ll try words later,” the couple wrote in a joint Instagram post.

“You always hear stories and opinions and experiences from other moms while your pregnant. It’s like you want to prepare yourself as much as you can for what is about to happen, so naturally you talk to others that have been through it before you. But there is nothing quite like experiencing for yourself the beautiful miracle of child birth and becoming a mom,” Hannah said later. 

She continued:

The pain is nothing compared to holding your sweet baby in your arms every single day speaking life over them.

The exhaustion is nothing compared to staring into your beautiful baby’s eyes imagining all they will become.

The challenges are nothing compared to kissing your little ones perfect face, fingers and toes and saying I love you almost 50 times a day.

One day I will go into detail of my full experience and what my day to days look like, the emotions, all the things but for now, I am just so overwhelmed with the call to be mommy to a beautiful baby girl. There is nothing like it. 

All the pain, all the exhaustion, all the challenges, all the late nights, all the tears. It’s all absolutely worth it at the end of the day for my Krue Grace.

Chandler shared a bit more of the birth story on his Instagram page on Mother’s Day:

Sitting in the room while you were in labor for 18 hours, watching you take every contraction like a superhuman, was life changing for me. Seeing you go thru the pain & challenges of birthing our baby girl made me love you so much more.

The same way you carried Krue, you carry our family. The same way you gracefully fought through that birthing process, you graciously fight for your family.

You’ve been a mom for 25 days and you’ve already shown me and Krue how amazing of a mom you are and will continue to be. I LOVE YOU. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY HANNAH GRACE. @hgracemoore

Movieguide® previously reported on the couple’s pregnancy announcement:

Maverick City Music’s Chandler Moore and his wife Hannah are welcoming a baby to their family.

“Hannah made my world better and I can’t imagine life without her. Now God is showing his goodness to me again through our new baby,” Chandler says.

The couple, who has been married since July 2021 are expecting their first child later this year. Both Chandler and Hannah shared the joyous news on their Instagram accounts with the same beautiful photographs showcasing their relationship. Fellow Christian artists Tasha Cobbs Leonard, Tye Tribbett, Priscilla Shirer, and Cory Asbury were among those offering their congratulations and best wishes.

Baby Moore will make Chandler a dad for the third time, joining siblings Chandler II and River, but this will be Hannah’s first.

“Being pregnant with my first baby is surreal,” Hannah says. “Pregnancy is a beautiful journey and I’m so thankful I get to experience everything it comes with.”