Godless Liberal Morality Increasing?

In a sign that Godless liberal morality may be on the rise, a survey of Americans suggests that they are less concerned about issues like abortion, the immoral content of movies and television, and illegal immigration than they are about “sexy” left-wing causes like poverty, the personal debt of individuals and HIV/AIDS.
Of course, the size of these leftist problems in the United States has been exaggerated by the leftist secular media, including Hollywood. This again shows that whoever controls the media controls the world, which is why MOVIEGUIDE® is dedicated to redeeming the values of the mass media.
Be that as it may, according to the Barna Research Group, only 45% of Americans consider the content of the media to be a major problem, only 50% say abortion is a major problem (!), and only 60% believe illegal immigration is a major problem (the higher number here is probably due to the influence of secular conservative talk radio, which has been more vocal about illegal immigration but seems to ignore other important issues of concern to Bible-believing Christians). In comparison, 78% of Americans believe poverty and personal debt are major problems (!!!), and 76% believe HIV/AIDS is a major problem, even though, as even leaders of the homosexual movement admit (see story above), is primarily a “gay” disease affecting, at most, 5% of Americans who engage in homosexual and bisexual activity (and that’s being charitable).