Golden Globes Not So Golden

By Dr. Ted Baehr, Publisher

There was very little that was “golden” at the Golden Globes Awards last night.

Tasteless sex jokes and insults flowed freely. And, some of the big winners were movies with graphic sexual content.

Some winners, including SOCIAL NETWORK Producer

Scott Rudin, mentioned their families or their parents, but there were practically no family values in sight.


The host, “comedian” Ricky Gervais was constantly either hurling insults at the attendees and presenters, or making crude sex jokes. Some of the presenters picked up on this tone, including Robert Downey, Jr., who’s entire presentation onstage centered on the actresses he had not slept with who were up for Best Actress last night, and Robert DeNiro, whose schtick involved insulting the 90 or so people at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association who decide the nominees and winners.

Three of the big winners, THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT, BURLESQUE and BLACK SWAN, contained pornographic sex scenes in them, resulting in very poor performances at the box office.

Two of the bright spots last night were TOY STORY 3 winning Best Animated Movie and Colin Firth of THE KING’S SPEECH winning Best Actor. This is fine and dandy, but why didn’t TOY STORY 3, the best reviewed and most popular movie of the year, also get nominated for Best Comedy or Musical Movie?

At the very end of the show, the host smarmily thanked God for “making me an atheist.” The last time we checked, 82% of Americans say they believe in God and the world has 2.3 billion Christians and 1.5 billion Muslims who believe in one God.

The fact is, as statistics with our Annual Report to the Entertainment Industry confirm, uplifting movies and home videos marketed to families, including those with spiritual values that acknowledge God, make the most money. And, movies with graphic sexual content like BLACK SWAN, THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT and BURLESQUE bomb at the box office.

Maybe the career of Ricky Gervais would do much better if he cleaned up his act!

I will be presenting highlights from MOVIEGUIDE®’s 2011Report to the Entertainment Industry on Friday, Feb. 18, at the 19th Annual MOVIEGUIDE® Faith & Values Awards Gala. We expect some of our numbers on what kind of movies moviegoers prefer to be better than ever.

Moviegoers want to see good triumph over evil, justice to prevail over injustice and purity to reign over impurity. Don’t you?

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