‘Gratitude Heals’: Alexa PenaVega Reflects on Daughter’s Stillbirth

Photo from Alexa PenaVega’s Instagram

‘Gratitude Heals’: Alexa PenaVega Reflects on Daughter’s Stillbirth

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As Alexa and Carlos PenaVega grieve the loss of their stillborn daughter, they find comfort in the Lord. Alexa took to Instagram to share how the Lord has been ministering to her in the wake of Indy’s death.

The Instagram story said:

“As I sit here praying for our family and reflecting on everything we have been through this season, I got the word ‘gratitude,’” she began. “I was talking to God about Indy and about that hurt and pain that we went through (I happened to read the text we sent out to our families the morning we lost Indy and it kinda shocked me. I just couldn’t believe we actually went through that. [It sort of stunned me].

She continued, “My heart ached in that season and I just couldn’t stop thanking God for getting us through it. Over and over again I kept saying thank you God. Thank you for getting us through it. And it was like this lightbulb went off in my head. GRATITUDE HEALS! GRATITUDE RESTORES! He got us through death. Literally through death. So this morning… as you wake up… just PRAISE Him. And GIVE THANKS. Keep going until you feel that peace pour over you.”








The actress posted a video update to Instagram after the loss, thanking fans for their support.

“We’re doing well. We’re actually doing really well, considering everything,” she said. “We have been so thankful reading all your messages of support, all the prayers that you guys have prayed — we have felt them. I don’t know how else we would’ve gotten through this season without all of you lifting us up in prayer.”

She continued, “We have obviously felt a lot of pain but also an insane amount of peace. God has really met us in this place between pain and peace, and it doesn’t make any sense, other than that it is his supernatural peace that is just covering us. This season, I have learned so much about pain with purpose.”

The couple announced the loss of their child in April in a joint statement posted to Instagram.


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“There are never the right words to say when it comes to loss,” the PenaVegas wrote. “After a beautiful and peaceful delivery our daughter ‘Indy’ was born at rest. It has been a painful journey. But in the pain we have found peace. God continues to comfort and hold us in his arms. The prayers from the community around us have been so sustaining in this difficult season.”

They continued. “Grief has come to us in waves. Moments of feeling absolutely gutted… then moments of feeling blessed by just getting a moment with her. Indy Rex PenaVega, you completely changed our world,” they ended their statement. “You moved us to a new place. You gave us the community we have been longing for. We love you can’t wait to see how many other lives you change.”

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