Greg Laurie Discusses Elvis’ Faith in New Book: ‘Elvis Knew Who The Real King Was’

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Greg Laurie Discusses Elvis’ Faith in New Book: ‘Elvis Knew Who The Real King Was’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Greg Laurie’s new book, Lennon, Dylan, Alice, & Jesus: The Spiritual Biography of Rock and Roll, highlights many famous rockers’ connections to Christianity, including the legendary king of rock’n’roll. 

“Elvis Presley. A ground-breaking superstar who became the ‘King Of Rock N Roll,’” Laurie captioned a video of himself talking about the musician. “What did Elvis think of that title? I talk about him and much more in my new book, ‘Lennon, Dylan, Alice and Jesus.’”

Laurie discussed the new movie ELVIS, and how it showed the impact that faith had on Presley’s life, from attending tent revivals, to singing gospel songs. 

“Elvis is an interesting story,” he explained. “Because he became very famous, but tragically, his life began to unravel.”

He continued, “There’s a story told of a concert that Elvis was doing, and some woman actually came up to him with a pillow and crown on it, and said, ‘You’re the king of rock ‘n’ roll. Here, Elvis.’ And he said, ‘There’s only one king, and it’s Jesus.’ 

“Elvis knew who the real king was,” Laurie explained. “One hopes that he called out to the Lord in those final days of his life. Unfortunately, the life of Elvis is a cautionary tale.”

Laurie went on to detail Elvis’ quest for meaning; his wife, Priscilla, called him a “searcher,” and the rock star was constantly on the hunt for a greater purpose to his life. 

According to the Movieguide® review, ELVIS “takes a humanist perspective on Elvis Presley’s musical career, his private life and his relationship with his controversial manager, Colonel Tom Parker, and seems to stress the sexual connotations behind Presley’s musical performances early in his career, while revising and distorting history, but there are some overtly Christian and moral elements, though they seem to be rather light.”


Movieguide® previously reported on Laurie’s book:

Pastor Greg Laurie recently released an excerpt from his new book, “Lenon, Dylan, Alice and Jesus.”

Laurie previously discussed why he wrote the book and highlighted how the Gospel can transform the most rebellious hearts.

In an excerpt from Laurie’s book published on Denison Forum, the pastor of Harvest Christian Church highlights how faith played a role in the lives of the first rock artists the world heard.

“Sam Phillips, the owner of Sun Studios, was looking for a new sound. He found it in Memphis, Tennessee. Now he needed the right person to bring it to a larger audience. He knew he found what he was looking for when Elvis Aaron Presley walked into his office,” Laurie wrote.

“Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins were all church-going country boys from impoverished, hard-working families, many of whom had alcoholism and addiction in their blood,” he continued. “Sinning, guilt and unrelenting hardship made for a heavy bottle to nurse on. These four young men all came up that hard way, and the pressures they grew up with built until they exploded into a new sound.”

December 4, 1956, became famous for the group’s impromptu meeting and jam session and is now remembered as the “Million Dollar Quartet.”

But Laurie noted that their similarities were not solely musical.

“Presley, Cash, and Perkins all had conflicts between the warring elements of their personalities, between themselves and addiction, and the push and pull of fame,” Laurie writes.

“Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, and Jerry Lee Lewis—true pioneers of rock ’n roll—were all church-going country boys who believed in Jesus. The devil seduced their souls and didn’t let go for decades; however, they knew where to turn when the day was done.”

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