HACKSAW RIDGE Actor Encourages Christians to Remain in God’s Love and Fight for Truth

Photo from Nathaniel Buzolic’s Instagram

HACKSAW RIDGE Actor Encourages Christians to Remain in God’s Love and Fight for Truth

By Movieguide® Staff

Actor Nathaniel Buzolic recently encouraged his nearly 3 million followers to maintain and deepen their relationship with God.

“The Christian becomes a tree, a tree planted by the living waters of Yeshua of Nazareth,” Buzolic wrote. “The longer you remain by Him the deeper your roots will forge into the full knowledge & glory of the kingdom of God.”

The HACKSAW RIDGE actor added that our relationship with God helps us withstand trials.

“When trials come it will be these trees that will have no fear, rather becoming beacons of life, a life that chooses to cling to the saviors ways, words and commands,” he explained. “Droughts will come as judgement pours out on this wicked world, and thus tribulations will arrive to all but these trees will not worry, will not be anxious in thought because their confidence is in Adonai the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob. They have recited His ways, remembered His words, seen His works and hold to every promise He proclaimed to all nations.”

Buzolic referenced Psalm 1:3 and encouraged people to look to God amid their difficult circumstances.

“The good of land is the fruit that is produced from A tree planted by this stream of living water and many will come to it. Seeking rest, restoration and revival,” he wrote.

“Our fruits are God’s good works, good works which He started in you and now flows out to many Communities, families, and tribes,” he explained. “The king of Judah will return and reign. Israel will dwell in safety. And his name will be; Adonai our righteousness. Remain awake Christians, remain in His love and remain in the fight for truth. Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus the Messiah).”

Aside from his ministry on social media, Buzolic is passionate about the roots of faith and plans to host an upcoming trip to Israel called the “PALM SUNDAYS CO TOUR WITH NATE BUZOLIC.”

The mission statement reads:

People all over the world travel to the places where they have a personal connection. Why wouldn’t we go to the place where our faith began? Our mission is to bring people closer to Jesus by journeying the land that Jesus called home. Traveling the land of Israel enables us to get to know Him better, to connect with Him more intimately and to understand His ministry in a more comprehensive way.

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