HACKSAW RIDGE Actor Gets Candid About Trying to Live and Love Like Jesus

HACKSAW RIDGE Actor Gets Candid About Trying to Live and Love Like Jesus

By Tess Farrand, Staff Writer

Nathaniel Buzolic is most known for his roles on HACKSAW RIDGE and TV show THE ORIGINALS, but most audiences might not know that the popular actor is a born-again Christian dedicated to sharing Christ’s love with others.

At the age of 27 years old, the Australian-born actor fully committed to Jesus. In a recent interview, Buzolic detailed his faith journey and what the Holy Spirit revealed to Him about the Gospel. “Even for me, before I became a Christian before I started really following His path,” Buzolic said. He continued, “I think I really missed the point of the Gospel, which is that we need to understand we are broken, we need to have a relationship with our Creator.”

Buzolic highlights that through sharing his testimony, he’s realized that peoples’ misunderstanding of Christ is oftentimes what prevents their belief in Him. “I have had many conversations with people on set about Jesus — what you start to realize is that people who are so against it haven’t really had a chance to have explained who Jesus is and what He represents.”

The relational aspect of Christianity is what motivates him to share Christ’s life, death and resurrection with others, especially Hollywood. “The world doesn’t need another actor’s success for it to be a better place, the world definitely needs to start listening to the truth of what Jesus said,” Buzolic said. In addition, Buzolic knows he can’t go at life alone. The actor finds his community to be a source of refreshment that keeps him accountable and his mind on the goal.

As his resume in entertainment expands, Buzolic makes it a priority to reflect on God’s goodness and share that with others. The star’s social media reflects the actor’s heart for Jesus and he hopes this will encourage users. “You can scroll back through my Instagram and see how my life transitioned through this idea of what love means. You look at what Jesus says and it’s so counter-cultural. If it is true, then what we need to do is love God and love others. It’s good to let people see that not everything the world says is true. The reality is we live in a very broken world.”

Like many others who use their platform in Hollywood for faith and values, we are thankful that Nathaniel cultivates a heart that mirrors Jesus’.