Hailey Bieber Marks One-Year Anniversary of Mini Stroke

Photo from Justin Bieber’s Instagram

Hailey Bieber Marks One-Year Anniversary Of Mini Stroke

By Movieguide® Contributor

Hailey Bieber recently reflected on the last year of health battles and the effects that a mini stroke has had on her life. 

“Can’t believe it’s been 1 year since I suffered a mini stroke that led to my PFO [patent foramen ovale] diagnosis,” she wrote in an Instagram Story. “Given that it’s the 1 year mark from such a life changing event, I wanted to share all the information I’ve learned about PFO and share resources to donate.” 

PFO is a small hole between the chambers of the heart, which can lead to blood flow between the chambers. Most PFOs don’t cause symptoms or require treatment, but having a PFO can increase the risk of strokes. 

Following her stroke, Bieber underwent surgery to have her PFO closed. 

Bieber also reshared a video she made where she talked in detail about what led to the mini stroke. 

Movieguide® previously reported:

Hailey Bieber recently opened up in a YouTube video about the mini-stroke she had last month. 

“It’s kind of hard for me to tell this story,” Bieber told her followers. “I’ve only really up until now told friends and family and people that I know that I’m close to, but I felt like it was important for me to share this.”

She described the scary experience, saying it started with a “weird sensation” in her right arm. Her fingertips felt “numb and weird,” and when husband Justin Bieber asked if she was okay, she “couldn’t speak.”

“The right side of my face started drooping, I couldn’t get a sentence out,” she said. “Immediately, I thought I was having a stroke.”

A nearby medic examined Bieber and an ambulance was called. While the facial drooping stopped after about 30 seconds, the model continued to have trouble speaking. 

“By the time I got to the emergency room, I was pretty much back to normal,” she said “[I] could talk, [I] wasn’t having any issues with my face or my arm.”

The reason for her health scare? A small blood clot that cut off air to her brain for a short period of time. Bieber underwent a series of tests to figure out what had caused the clot and soon learned she had a PFO – a small opening in her heart that typically closes after birth. 

The model underwent a procedure to close the 12-13 millimeter hole, and is now recovering. 

“The biggest thing I feel is I just feel really relieved that we were able to figure everything out, that we were able to get it closed, that I will be able to move on from this really scary situation and just live my life,” Bieber said.

“If there’s anybody that watches this that has gone through the same thing or something similar, I definitely really empathize with you,” she concluded. “And I understand how life-altering and scary it is.”