Hispanic Parents Are Younger

According to Engage Hispanics data, 20% of Hispanic parents with children ages 12 to 17 are themselves between the ages of 18 and 24, while only 9% of non-Hispanic parents between the ages of 18 and 24 have children in that age range.
Also, many Hispanic parents have additional children and are either still in school or working blue-collar, operative or clerical jobs. Among Hispanic parents with children ages 5 or younger, 24% are blue-collar or clerical workers, and 12% are students against 19% and 5% respectively among non-Hispanic parents of children the same age.
– Source: Engage Hispanics, 10/30/08.
Teenagers Are Cheating, Stealing and Lying at “Alarming Rates,” Survey Finds
Date: Saturday, December 6, 2008
According to a survey of nearly 30,000 students in American high schools released earlier this week by the Josephson Institute’s Center for Youth Studies, the rates of teenagers who have admitted stealing, cheating and lying are still at “alarming rates.”
In fact, 82% of the 29,760 high school students admitted lying to their parents about something significant in the past year, and 64% said they had cheated on a test in the last year alone!
In other findings, 65% of students said they told a significant lie to their teachers in the past year, 56% admitted lying to their parents two or more times, 38% said they had cheated on a test two or more times, 37% said they had lied to a teacher about something significant two or more times in the past year, and 30% admitted they had stolen from a store in the past year.
Although some of the rates of lying, cheating and stealing have gone down since 1998, they have started to climb slightly back up since 2006.
Despite this year’s statistics, a whopping 93 percent of the students said they were “satisfied” with their personal ethics and character!!!
There was some relatively good news in the report, however.
More than three-quarters of the students, 77%, said they have never stolen anything from their parents or relatives, and 81% said they have never stolen anything from their friends.
Of course, in the example of the Good Samaritan told by Jesus Christ in the New Testament, the person of good ethics is someone who goes out of his way to do good things for a stranger in need, because even a wicked person is more likely to do good things for his family and friends.
Jesus Christ deserves to be called our Lord precisely because he died not only to save his friends but also to save his enemies.
This survey clearly shows that America has a growing ethical problem among its youth, the leaders of tomorrow.
Thousands of scientific studies and surveys have shown that the mass media often has the biggest impact on the ethics and ideas of young people, including the youngest child.
That’s why Dr. Ted Baehr, inspired by Jesus Christ’s teachings and example, and with support from others, founded MOVIEGUIDE® and the Christian Film & Television Commission® ministry in 1985.
Since then, this ministry has made tremendous strides in increasing the number of family movies and the number of movies with morally and spiritually uplifting, biblical and Christian content in movies.
We need your financial support and prayers to continue these positive trends and to help parents, grandparents, teachers, and religious leaders train children to be biblically literate and media wise, including training them to steer clear of false, immoral movies full of wicked behavior, evil theologies and ideologies, and falsehoods or half-truths.
Insufficient funding, however, has prevented this ministry from making a truly significant impact on television and on the Internet and from reaching as many parents, grandparents, teachers, religious leaders, and children as it should.
Apparently, the ministry’s positive effect on movie content has helped to improve young people’s ethics since the late 1990s, as reported by the Josephson Institute, but the tremendous increase in Internet and television use among teenagers in recent years is beginning to stymie those efforts. In fact, the Internet is increasingly becoming a major way that Hollywood and the mass media promote their products, especially movies and television programs.
Hollywood and the mass media spend billions of dollars to reach families and children through movies, television and the Internet.
Please send us your most generous gift now, so that we can redeem the values of Hollywood and the mass media; reach more parents, teachers, religious leaders, and children; expand more heavily into television and the Internet; and, transform the culture with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Tax deductible donations can be made on our website, at www.movieguide.org, by calling 1-800-899-6684 24 hours a day, or sending a check to 2510-G Las Posas Road, Suite 502, Camarillo, CA 93010.
Call 1-800-577-6684 to talk with an office representative during business hours.
– Source: Josephson Institute, December 2008.
Hollywood Bigots Mock Jesus, Bible and Prop. 8 Supporters in Web Video
Date: Saturday, December 6, 2008
A group of anti-Christian bigots in Hollywood posted a blasphemous video Wednesday mocking the Bible, Jesus Christ and supporters of Prop.8 in California, which defines marriage as a covenant between one man and one woman.
The group is led by Adam McKay, who helped create the anti-Christian scenes mocking prayer in Will Ferrell’s movie TALADEGA NIGHTS, and Marc Shaiman, the homosexual composer of blasphemous songs mocking Jesus and Christianity in the SOUTH PARK movie.
Shaiman conceived and wrote the new blasphemous musical video, based on an idea by McKay.
In the bigoted video, comedian Jack Black appears as Jesus Christ and mocks both the Bible and people who believe that God and the Bible morally condemn homosexuality and ordain the traditional definition of marriage as between one man and one woman.
Other Hollywood bigots participating in the hate-filled video include Andy Richter, who used to be Conan O’Brien’s late-night show sidekick; Neil Patrick Harris, a homosexual actor who played Doogie Houser on TV; Maya Rudolph of SATURDAY NIGHYT LIVE; and, John C. Reilly, who starred with Will Ferrell in both TALLADEGA NIGHTS and STEP BROTHERS.
“This video is malicious, loathsome and ignorant, as well as blasphemous,” said Dr. Ted Baehr, founder of the Christian Film & Television Commission® ministry in Hollywood and MOVIEGUIDE®: A Biblical Guide to Movies and Entertainment.
“The people who participated in making and distributing this video should repent and ask for the forgiveness and love that is only available through Jesus Christ.”
Dr. Baehr noted that the video misrepresents the supporters of Proposition 8 and contains “deliberate falsehoods and distortions” about them and about the Bible.
For example, Jack Black, who poses as Jesus Christ on the video, makes a false comparison between the Old Testament’s moral laws against homosexual sin and the Old Testament’s ritual laws against eating ceremonially unclean foods, such as shrimp or shellfish.
“Jesus Christ clearly teaches in Matthew 19:1-6 that God’s definition of marriage between one man and one man should not be changed,” Dr. Baehr added. “Prop. 8 is about marriage, not homosexuality. It prohibits both same-sex marriage and marrying more than one person at a time.
“Christians need to renounce this video’s inane, offensive, malicious mockery of Jesus Christ and the Bible,” he concluded.
The blasphemous video appeared on Adam McKay and Will Ferrell’s Internet website showing comic videos.
– Source: Yahoo News, 12/04/08.

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