Hollywood Blockheads Mock Traditional Marriage

In the wake of the vicious homosexual attacks on Miss California Carrie Prejean’s personal opposition to same-sex marriage at the recent Miss USA Pageant, a group of Hollywood celebrities have made a video mocking traditional marriage and its supporters.

Stars such as Allicia Silverstone, Lance Bass, George Takei, and Sophia Bush released the mocking video in the FunnyorDie website.

Of course, Jesus Christ Himself confirms that God defines marriage as a sacred institution for one man and one woman in Matthew 19:3-12. Other passages in the Hebrew Scriptures, including the Five Books of Moses, and the New Testament condemn homosexuality as abhorrent.

Please help MOVIEGUIDE® redeem the values of the mass media according to biblical principles and oppose the tyranny of the pro-homosexual and pro-pornography fascists trying to intimidate and silence Christians and conservatives who support God’s definition of marriage and sexual purity in the Bible (www.movieguide.org and 1-800-899-6684).

The future – and liberty – of our children and grandchildren is at stake!

– Source:  Fox News, 04/22/09.